Photo Dump {Of flowers and such}

I finally figured out how to change the file names of my pictures from RW2 to JPG! πŸ™‚ So more pictures coming up! A lot of them aren’t very good though. :/

It’s almost Spring!!

In our backyard. UPDATE: Sorry, this is the front yard! πŸ˜‰
We can smell these flowers from the other side of the yard! They smell so good.


The ornamental pear trees in the front.
In our front yard.




This would be so pretty if it weren’t blurry. :/
Spiky things in the front yard.



Daffodils in the backyard.


Working on the neighbors’ house.
Bird feeder bokeh.
Parrots usually perch there.
The bird feeder close-up.
Pretty little flowers. Does anybody know what these are? I’m just going to call them Bell Flowers. Sorry for the blur!
More Bell Flowers.
Garden shovel.



Mandarine tree and morning sun.
Beyond the fence: a basketball hoop.
Neighbors’ daffodils on the way to the playground.


Old motorcycle zoomin’ down the road.
Afternoon sun peeking through the trees.
More sun through the leaves.
Hook through the fence.
Mom and brother walking through the orchard. We’re lucky to have these fruit trees! There are plum trees, apple trees and almonds.


Thanks for reading! πŸ™‚

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Photos I should have shared with you ages ago but didn’t {Photo Dump}

Hi everyone! Sorry for the scrappy featured image. πŸ˜› It was taking too long and I wanted to post this. XD

All these photos were taken a while ago; last summer, early last year before we moved and a couple weeks ago when we went rafting. My Mom took nearly all these photos. Thanks, Mom! ❀

Us inspecting the little ‘whirlpool’ in our ‘creek’ last year before we moved:


The rain water filling up our dam:


We had just come home from grocery shopping in town and our driveway was filled with rain water at the bottom. We stopped at the entrance and waded:



We ended up splashing each other and then just sitting in the water. It was freezing but really fun:


We had around seven almond trees and we used to pick them green and eat them with salt. Sometimes we tried to wait for them to ripen, but the cockatoos and the other birds always got them first:

Me walking Koda
Me with Koda at the playground near our house now

This was last Summer. My brother and I were wading and trying to catch some fish with no success: (we had already moved)


Sliding down the slope on a cardboard box:


The sunset view from our house if I climb up on the roof (I took this one from my Mom’s phone)
Another sunset
Me taking a photo with my camera and making the weird face I always make when I take photos
Me up a tree when we visited our old house a few weeks ago. This is the same time as when we went rafting. I’m wearing my Dad’s jacket because it was so cold.

My brother. He’s wearing my Dad’s other jacket:


And that’s the end of the photos! Thanks for reading. πŸ™‚

Also, I’m so caught up with all my posts. I’m doing a guest post interview with Starling and I also need to post the Q&A. I’ll post it later today if you don’t mind two posts in one day. πŸ™‚

Smile and God bless!

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What I Did In English + Photos

Ok so my Mom and I are doing a book called ‘Writing From The Inner Self’. Personally, it annoys me. Before I start writing, I have to sit still with my back away from the back of my chair, my feet on the floor and I have to concentrate. That’s the annoying part. And then when I get into writing it’s good. πŸ˜‰ I think I just don’t want to admit it’s helping me concentrate. Don’t tell my Mom that! πŸ˜›

My Mom likes everything I write. (I love my Mom! She puts up with me!) Even when I write my rantings about how much I dislike the book. (Actually now I like it a little) So I asked her to give me tips on how to write something she won’t like. And then I asked her if she wouldn’t like it if I wrote a story with lovable characters and she would fall in love with the characters and then I’d kill them all. She sat there for a moment and then said she wouldn’t like that. Now I know! πŸ˜‰

The exercise for today was to imagine a beautiful place in nature and to notice the things around you and the time of day and season. Then imagine sitting down and noticing where you chose to sit and then imagine an action happening and after the action you stand up and walk back the way you came and notice what you can hear and see and see if anything is different from when the action occurred. And we’re also not supposed to edit anything or stop writing. I think I did a couple times though. πŸ˜› The following is what I wrote: (Sentences with *’s I edited just now)

I trudge up the hill slowly, my bare feet digging into the soft green grass. I take time to notice my surroundings; a bunny hopes past me. The wind blows gently, making the daisies around me sway. I spin around and run all the way up the hill, the grass a carpet at my feet. I look around and sit down once I reach the top. The sun is shining and a couple clouds dot the sky. A pond is to my right, *ducks paddling their webbed feet through the babbling water.* Birds *sing songs*in the heavens and butterflies flit around me. *One lands on my finger. I laugh.*

Suddenly, I hear an old vintage car rattle across the old dirt road behind me. I sigh and lie down. After a few moments, I stand up. A bunny is just peeking out of a burrow, wondering if the old noisy thing has passed. I walk back down the hill. The birds are gone now frightened by the car. But soon they fly into view again. And the butterflies are once again lazing on a dandelion or flitting around the meadows. I continue to walk down the hill and the bunnies are still coming our of their holes after the car has passed.

The action: The old vintage car rattling across the road

What changed after the action: When I walked up the hill and sat down the bunnies and birds and butterflies were already out. When I walked back down the hill, the animals were just coming back out because of the noise of the car.

Also, here are a few photos:

A couple weeks ago we went to the funeral service of an old friend near the place we used to live. Afterwards, we visited our old place and my Mom took a couple pictures of my brother and I rafting on our dam. Wow, I miss that place!

We also used to catch yabbies here… All the ones we caught died though. 😦
We had a rope connecting the raft to a tree just in case we couldn’t row back… My brother was using a pitchfork to row!
2017-07-26 18.43.17.jpg
My two older brothers and my Dad built this raft years ago. It’s sort of falling apart. It still holds us though if we stand on the middle boards that are popping up. Also, my brother has a hat and mustache because I wanted to cover his handsome face.

I hope you enjoyed that piece of writing and photos! πŸ™‚ See you later.

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