The Joy of Knowing God is Speaking to You & Working In Your Life

As believers, we all want to feel God’s presence in our lives, and feel Him speaking to us.

But the question always arises; is He speaking to us? Does He want to speak to us? He spoke to people in bible times, so why can’t He now?

It’s something that I struggle with as well. I want to hear the clear voice of God cutting through the ‘silence’. I want to hear Him, so I know He’s there.

And here is the truth of it; God is speaking to us, and He is there. He is working in and through our lives even if we can’t see it. Lately, I’ve been developing the habit to see Christ through the circumstances. If I learn a song on the piano, or if we are able to find a parking space in the crowded lot, I have trained myself to connect God to my circumstances. And that is all well and good, but we’re still asking: is He speaking to us?

The answer is yes. Through you, He is impacting the lives of other people. He is using other people to speak to you through them. I have heard plenty of stories about people who felt they were being urged to go talk to someone, or give them something, not even knowing why. But God knows why. He sees everything, and knows everything. And He instilled in that person’s mind to go to that other person.

Many times my parents and I have been facing something difficult, and we open out Bibles and the pages flip to, for example, Psalm 147:4: “He count the stars and calls them all by name.”

So what more for us? There are countless stars in the sky; billions more than there are humans. And yet, God has given us each a name, and He has called us each by that name. He wants to know you, and He wants to communicate with you.

That’s God speaking to you right there. We could’ve opened up to any verse. But we opened up to that one; the one that God planned for us to see so we would be uplifted and encouraged to move on because we’ve got someone watching our backs.

I heard a story from my youth group leader about when she was in middle-school, she was doubting the existence of God. So right then and there she asked God to give her sign: she asked that something; anything would fly in front of her face. A few minutes later, a butterfly fluttered in front of her eyes, and from then on, the butterfly held a significant meaning for her.

God is speaking to us. When we don’t know where our lives are headed or what we’re here for, He can cause a friend to suddenly ask if you have a prayer request, or the message at church would be something that answers your questions.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” says the LORD. “Plans for good, and not for calamity; to give you a future, and a hope.”

How amazing is that?? I love this verse so much, because I know that God has an awesome plan for my life, even if I don’t yet know where I’m headed.

Is this awesome? God –  the one who created us, the one who sees and knows everything – is taking the time to speak to us. And even if at times we doubt if He is actually doing miracles, He is. Changing the life of someone who everyone thought could never change; now that’s a miracle in itself.

Look around you. God is constantly speaking to us. God is happiness, joy and love. He gives us all these things so that He can speak to us through them, and we can enjoy the beauty of it all.

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