Stories At Work

**If I find you have stolen the plot of my books, I may send the Marinos after you. You don’t want that. So just don’t steal.**

The Quest For Trystal/The Wands of Trystal Book One (Comment below with the better title for this book πŸ™‚ )

Title: The Wands of Trystal: (book title TBA)

Series: The Wands of Trystal

Wordcount: Not enough yet to mention


Twelve year old Jovial Drinnigan has lost just about everything. Her home, her family, her freedom. Only a year before, her Father had left she and her Mother, and just three weeks ago, her Mother had passed away. Jovi is sent to live with her Aunt, and in only two days, her Aunt has arranged for her to be shipped of to Miss Steeple’s Boarding School For Girls. Trapped in a world where she doesn’t belong, Jovi makes a wish. A wish that she had been wishing ever-since her Mother began reading her fairy-tales every night before bed and every morning as soon as she woke up. When that wish that she had wished for so long finally becomes true, Jovi is only happy to escape reality. Finding out that Trystals’ land has been stolen, Jovi is put on a quest to retrieve the five wands of Trystal and put them in their rightful places to restore peace to the lands.


Jovial Drinnigan/Jovi (12)

Kip (15 Trystaline years)

Lark (12 Trystaline years)

Gimmick (goblin/gnome of the Marinos)

The Two Towers Book One

Series: The Princess Adventures (which is an awful title and I will change it)

Wordcount: Around 10,400

Fun fact: I’ve been working on this book for about four years. Seriously.

Blurb: I honestly don’t have one. But you can find a sneakpeak here.

Sequel to The Two Towers

Title: Another Adventure (obviously not final)

Wordcount: Not enough yet to mention

Fun fact: I’ve had sooo many drafts of this and I thought of this idea around four or five years ago and did the first draft then.

Blurb: (I’m not very happy with the blurb at the moment so I’ll be editing it)

Reese is of on another adventure. This time, she’s going of to look for a Prince who disappeared mysteriously over night. Along the way they find out that only a true princess can free the prince, but it will only work if they love each other. There is a reward that states that whichever unmarried Princess frees the prince they would be married What’s different is, she hates this prince. So why is she helping him? For one, someone she likes is going along. For another reason, she wants to get out of palace life. But someone is following them. Who is it? What do they want?

Comment below with TEAM WATERMELON WITH BIBPC #5 WILL WIN if you want to see more of The Two Towers (I probably won’t finish it for a while because I’m stuck) and/or the chapters of The Wands of Trystal/The Quest For Trystal. And don’t forget to comment with the better title: The Wands of Trystal, or The Quest For Trystal. Thanks! πŸ™‚


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