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Hi everyone!

I decided to make a page for interview guest posts. If I’ve asked to do an interview with you, I’ll direct you to this page, ask you some questions and you can answer them below and then I’ll delete your comment and turn the interview into a post.




68 thoughts on “Guest Interview Page

  1. Hi Tess, here your questions for the interview. (finally) I’m SO sorry it took so long!!! I feel so bad…

    1. What brought you to name your blog ‘Steeplechase’?
    2. How was your blog born? Who/what inspired you to start one?
    3. What quote do you live by if any?
    4. Who are some bloggers you look up to or who inspire you?
    5. What are some of your blogging goals for the year 2018?
    6. Are you just naturally good at drawing, or did you have to learn?
    7. How many times have you flown in a plane? (#random)
    8. Do you stall reading until you’re in bed, or do you read whenever you can?
    9. How old were you when you wrote your first story? (if you’re okay sharing)
    10. Do you have a book in progress that I can beta read and devour???!! ;P

    Thanks for doing this with me, Tess!! 🙂


      • Hehe, me neither!
        How long have you been writing poetry?
        What’s the best poem you ever wrote?
        What’s the worst poem you ever wrote?
        Can you show us the poems you’ve wrote on P.I.M.P?
        What was the winning poem?
        What’s your favortie poet?

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      • I started writing poetry in 2015 but I stopped and got back to it when you hosted this contest. My poems aren’t very good, but they’re ok. 😛

        Hmmm… I don’t know. But I like this one:
        It’s not the best, but I was really proud of it when I first wrote it. 😉

        Spring Has Just Begun

        I gaze out the window one bright sunny day,
        I see that all the snow has melted away!
        I run out the door just to be amazed,
        I can even say that I am dazed.
        The daffodils blossom,
        The tulips look awesome,
        The winter air is gone.
        The leaves on the trees lost their wintry touch,
        Because Spring has just begun!

        I hear all the birds singing sweet,
        I think it is a treat,
        The grass is lush and green today,
        The sun shines its brightest ray!
        The trees are blossoming with apples to bake,
        A fruit galore I’d love to take!
        I see that everyone is happy and glad,
        Because Spring is finally here!

        I see a baby lamb take its first little step,
        And hear the little birds chirping in their nest,
        The animals come out, it’s time to play,
        Bring out some lemonade on a tray!
        Listen to the birds, listen to the trees,
        Listen to the animals, because they say,
        “Spring welcomes you today!”

        The worst poem I ever wrote is probably this one. This one is pretty awful, though I’m sure I’ve written worse ones. XD
        If I would fly,
        Where would I go?
        To mars, or go and follow the second star?

        If I could fly,
        What could I do?
        Look down below me and see the whole world
        Like I never dreamed I’d see it.

        If I could fly,
        I’d sit upon a cloud,
        Or sit at the top of the highest tree,
        Or float with the birds everyday.

        Flying is such a wonderful thing,
        Seeing the world below,
        Soaring up high,
        Touching the stars,
        Sliding down the dewdrop rainbow.
        If only I could fly!

        I can show you them, but this’ll take a while. 😉
        Just behind our house stands a tree,
        As tall as the eye can see,
        And as the wind whispers its secrets,
        The leaves dance with glee.

        The Dancing Ladies bob their heads,
        Their silky petals flowing in their garden beds.
        The hills behind stretch to as far as I can see,
        It’s grass a soft bed for the lambs.

        Clouds drift across the sky,
        Snapping pictures of a swan, a duck, a boat floating by.
        The flowers, the trees, the bubbling brook,
        Paint colors in the afternoon sunset.

        Its rays are a hint of the hues;
        Purple, orange and red.
        It casts it colors, across the water it does spread,
        Making it glow like the mornings dew.

        The brook bubbles happily,
        Washing its cool waters about my feet.
        Birds float in the sky,
        Spreading their wings and soaring high.

        Love watches the sun rise from our window,
        And sees the sunset glow on the water.
        Love watches the leaves turn to gold,
        Love watches them fall.

        Love shares troubles together,
        And holds each other up through them all,
        Love has a shoulder to cry on,
        And stands by each other.

        Love experiences joy with each other,
        And walks down the street holding hands,
        Love journeys through life together,
        And shares laughter and tears.

        Love takes each others hands and dances,
        Waltzes across the floor even with two left feet,
        And love dances to the music so sweet.
        Love treasures each moment together and holds each other close.

        And now that we’re old and frail and gray,
        Let’s share much more together.
        Let’s dance once more and hold each other,
        And we will love.

        An Elegy Remembering My Unpaired Socks

        Twas the sad day,
        That my socks went astray,
        I promise I put them away,
        But apparently I did not, to my Mom’s dismay.

        The laundry is empty,
        The closet is bare.
        I tried to find socks,
        But instead I only found a box!

        My unpaired socks, are lying there,
        The insides where the pairs are supposed to be,
        I find when I check, are bare!
        I blink once, twice, I look and I see.

        I think to myself, oh the horror to be,
        The only one out there with unpaired socks to see!
        To see me there, what would they call me?
        With one blue sock and the other the fade of tea?

        What if I wore my Mom’s socks, I thought,
        But on rocks and on sticks they got caught.
        My brother’s socks make me smell them when I talk,
        And oh, my lil’ brother’s socks rip when I walk!

        I’d lost my pair,
        But I didn’t cry, didn’t even dare!
        To unpaired socks who don’t have care,
        With other socks they def’nit’ly can’t share.

        This is the winning poem:
        I remember the memories we shared there,
        All the laughter and tears that were shed,
        I remember the rising sun in the morn,
        And the shimmering hues of the sunsets.

        I remember I felt so adventurous there,
        So happy and free and serene,
        And when I felt sad I would just go outside,
        I’d sing out my feelings with no one to hear.

        I remember we felt so excited,
        When we pulled up the yabbies from the dam,
        I remember we felt so sad,
        When they all disappeared one day!

        How ecstatic we felt when the little bunny Flick,
        Appeared in our yard one day,
        But the awfulness and sadness we felt
        When he was left with us no more!

        I remember Pogo, the turtle we found,
        Burrowing in the shallows of our dam,
        We took him in, but let him go,
        When we found he didn’t like his new home.

        I remember each spring when the almond trees blossomed,
        And the apple trees laden with fruit,
        The cherry plums shone with their fire some red,
        And the willow tree yellow like thousands of chicks on the tree!

        I remember the swing set where we often played,
        And felt so happy together,
        Where we swung and we hung upside down,
        And we saw our beautiful world in a different view.

        I remember each winter and rainy day,
        The driveway would become our little creek,
        The water would flow cross the bottom,
        And we’d wade till our feet grew numb.

        Oh all the mem’ries we had there, up on that little hill,
        All the picnics we shared, and the treehouses we built!
        All the joy and the sadness we shed there,
        What a wonderful place to be!

        I don’t really have a favorite poet. I don’t read poems much (oh the horror), but I like Robert Frost and the metaphors he uses in his poetry.

        Thank you Enni for hosting the contest and doing this with me. 🙂 I enjoyed it.

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