I need help for The Wands of Trystal {SPOILERS ALERT}



Hi everyone, sorry for two posts in a day, but I need some help. Instead of Jovial Drinnigan going of to find some wands to restore peace to the lands, should I make it that she has to go and find some warriors or something, and the Trystalines and the Marinos have to go into battle so the Trystalines can get their land back?

If I do that, then the title will most likely be The Quest (‘Quests’ if more than one book) For Trystal.

Sorry if it’s confusing. 😛

But then the whole point of a human fairy coming to Trystal to save them will be ruined.

Here is the whole outline of my story, so you can actually understand what I mean. I want to change a few things so it’ll be more exciting.

Twelve year old Jovial Drinnigan has lost just about everything. Her home, her family, her freedom. Only a year before, her Father had left she and her Mother, and just three weeks ago, her Mother had passed away. Jovi is sent to live with her Aunt, and in only two days, her Aunt has arranged for her to be shipped of to Miss Steeple’s Boarding School For Girls. Trapped in a world where she doesn’t belong, Jovi makes a wish. A wish that she had been wishing ever-since her Mother began reading her fairy-tales every night before bed and every morning as soon as she woke up. When that wish that she had wished for so long finally becomes true, Jovi is only happy to escape reality. Finding out that Trystals’ land has been stolen, Jovi is put on a quest to retrieve the five wands of Trystal and put them in their rightful places to restore peace to the lands.

Reunited with her Mother in a strange world called Trystal, she finds out that her Mother is the Queen of this fairy world, and that it was time for her to return to Trystal. Upon finding this out, Jovial’s Mother, Queen Alalia informs her that their land has been stolen by the Marinos, and until a human comes to Trystal to become a fairy, they can not collect any wands to bring peace to the lands. Now that Jovi is in Trystal, she can retrieve the five wands, but her mother won’t allow it, saying she doesn’t want to lose her again. But when fairies are kidnapped and turned into slaves for the Marinos, Alalia has no choice but to allow her daughter to go on the dangerous journey. Accompanied by Kip, a warrior fairy to protect her, and Lark, who volunteers to join them, they embark on the quest for the first wand. But their quest is interuppted when Jovial is kidnapped by the Marinos as a slave along with the other fairies. Un-beknownst to the Marinos that Jovi is the human fairy, they set her to work and it is up to Kip and Lark to free her. Stopped by the Guardian of Kinghill Valley, he gives them some weapons to help them on the way and a map.


Past Poetry Puddle (??) And Your Shocked Realization That Yes, I Am Still Alive

I feel like I haven’t posted in a month; hence the title. (wait, past poetry puddle?) But yes, if you felt the same, then I am alive and I’m back! *tries to find GIF. Does not succeed. Where can I find good GIF’s???*

Hurray hurray!

Sorry for not giving you any notice at my disappearance (I did keep in touch with Enni’s poetry contest though 😉 ). We didn’t have any internet data, so we couldn’t use very much internet. So I didn’t post. And I’m sorry for not being able to read all your lovely blogs! ❤

I’m also going to share with you a couple of my horrific poems I’ve written over the last couple of years… I don’t really write poetry anymore, but I’ve sort of gotten back into it a little because of Enni’s contest. I said only a couple poems, because I’m going to save you from reading the really bad ones. 😛

This one was pretty good actually; I wrote this back in 2015:

Wrapping His arms around me,
I feel loved like a child in a Father’s arms,
Wrapping His care around me,
I feel happy in the Savior’s love.

Like a chick taking refuge in my mother’s wings,
I feel warmth with the glow of His love.
Like a Father whispering in his child’s ear,
“I love you,”
Like a child feeling peace in my Father’s hug.

His voice is that of an Angel,
Speaking softly the truth into my ear,
“I love you my child, don’t ever forget.
You’re beautiful to Me, just the way you are.”

This next one could be better, but I hope you enjoy it. I think I wrote it 2015 or 2016:

My Bed of Roses

Red Beauty,
Positioned among the roses,
Lets out her beauty,
Spreading her silky petals,
Curling them.
They are a shiny crimson red,
Wet with the dew from the early morning rain.
Above her sister’s, looking down on them,
A rainbow, tipped with glitter and color.

Then comes Yellow Lady,
Her silky leaves spreading as a shade,
  To the buds below her.
Her petals dance lazily in the wind,
Tipped in dark pink,
Almost like a ladies glove.
Fairies like to dance with her petals,
Curling themselves in the blanket of her shawl.

Lastly comes Pink Lady,
Trying to spread her petals.
Still a little while,
Her sisters say.
Her middle is a dark pink,
Her petals still formed together like a growing bud.
Her long stem holds firmly in the ground,
And she holds her head high.

Three young roses,
Standing by my house,
Proud, beautiful, kind.
Three young roses,
Petals of silk,
Stand below the rainbow,
My bed of Roses.

This next one I wrote in 2015 as well (ok I’m going to stop giving you dates now), but I tweaked it for Enni’s contest:


Just behind our house stands a tree,
As tall as the eye can see,
And as the wind whispers its secrets,
The leaves dance with glee.

The Dancing Ladies bob their heads,
Their silky petals flowing in their garden beds.
The hills behind stretch to as far as I can see,
It’s grass a soft bed for the lambs.

Clouds drift across the sky,
Snapping pictures of a swan, a duck, a boat floating by.
The flowers, the trees, the bubbling brook,
Paint colors in the afternoon sunset.

Its rays are a hint of the hues;
Purple, orange and red.
It casts it colors, across the water it does spread,
Making it glow like the mornings dew.

The brook bubbles happily,
Washing its cool waters about my feet.
Birds float in the sky,
Spreading their wings and soaring high.

The following poem I wrote when my Dad went to see my sister but I didn’t go because I didn’t want to say goodbye again. 😉 😛 Now that I look back the poem doesn’t really make any sense…

She asked me why I didn’t come,
I couldn’t say goodbye.
I have too many ‘Hi’s and ‘Hello’s,
And much too many goodbyes.

I wish I could have just one ‘Hello’,
And leave it just at that.
I couldn’t say ‘Hello’, just to say ‘goodbye’.

This next poem I wrote on a website called Storybird (my poem isn’t on there anymore), inspired by an illustration of a mouse. 😉 The top line and the bottom line won’t stick together for some reason…

Mouse in The House

There’s a mouse in the house,

Darting to and fro.

He stays there all day
And he feasts on the cheese!

We don’t have a cat,
So we send in the bees,

But the bees don’t work,

Oh what will we do with that troublesome mouse?

There’s a mouse in the house,

And when the sky grows dark,

He’s disguised with bark,

and sips up the cream.

We don’t have a dog,

So we send in a hog.

The hog can’t catch it,
that cheeky little mouse,

Oh what will we do with that troublesome mouse?


Ok this is a poem I wrote aimed at kids; I think it was for a mini contest 😛

My Little Yellow Pogo Stick

My little yellow Pogo Stick
Takes me anywhere.
It took me to the garden bed,
It took me to the park.

My little yellow Pogo Stick,
Takes me anywhere,
It took me to my Daddy’s work,
And I sailed past his room.
I waved at him,
And he was surprised,
To see me flying by,
I laughed and giggled
As I said, ‘He takes me anywhere!’

And this one as well… XD

Lily-pad one, lily-pad two,
This froggies name is Little Bodie Boo.

Lily-pad three, lily-pad four,
These froggies names are Tootsies and Roar.

This one was a poem I wrote for a mini contest to write a poem (rhyming) that didn’t make any sense. I think mine made a little sense though. XD

Piece of Cake

Who wants a piece of cake,

That’s ready all to bake,

I want to take,

A piece of cake,

And then quickly I partake,

A piece of yummy yummy cake,

That is all set to bake.

We’ll have a picnic by the lake,

And piece of cake we all will take.

And then we’ll make a pretty bake,

And gladly decorate.

We’ll put it in a big big crate,

For our big big cake we baked.

And then we’ll eat our bake we baked,

And then our teeth will ache.

This one I wrote describing what we used to do in homeschooling; poetry teatime, where we had tea and cake and shared some poems with each other. This was one of my older poems.

Poetry Teatime

Dressed up together in olden day clothes,

Ribbons and hats with shawls to match.

Brownies with cream, and chamomile tea,

dainty plates all set with dates.

Poem times with laughter and fun,

eating cakes together with mum.

As Mum reads to us Line Upon Line,

on strawberries and cream we dine.

As poetry teatime comes to an end,

Our poems to you we’ll lend.

Three more! I wrote this one for… well I just wrote it.

Spring Has Just Begun

I gaze out the window one bright sunny day,
I see that all the snow has melted away!
I run out the door just to be amazed,
I can even say that I am dazed.
The daffodils blossom,
The tulips look awesome,
The winter air is gone.
The leaves on the trees lost their wintry touch,
Because Spring has just begun!

I hear all the birds singing sweet,
I think it is a treat,
The grass is lush and green today,
The sun shines its brightest ray!
The trees are blossoming with apples to bake,
A fruit galore I’d love to take!
I see that everyone is happy and glad,
Because Spring is finally here!

I see a baby lamb take its first little step,
And hear the little birds chirping in their nest,
The animals come out, it’s time to play,
Bring out some lemonade on a tray!
Listen to the birds, listen to the trees,
Listen to the animals, because they say,
“Spring welcomes you today!”

And this one I wrote for Enni’s contest:

We Will Love

Love watches the sun rise from our window,
And sees the sunset glow on the water.
Love watches the leaves turn to gold,
Love watches them fall.

Love shares troubles together,
And holds each other up through them all,
Love has a shoulder to cry on,
And stands by each other.

Love experiences joy with each other,
And walks down the street holding hands,
Love journeys through life together,
And shares laughter and tears.

Love takes each others hands and dances,
Waltzes across the floor even with two left feet,
And love dances to the music so sweet.
Love treasures each moment together and holds each other close.

And now that we’re old and frail and gray,
Let’s share much more together.
Let’s dance once more and hold each other,
And we will love.

This one I wrote for school because we were supposed to write an elegy. XD

An Elegy Remembering A Made Up Bully Who Is Not Based On Any Person In My Life


To Henry Zack,
Who treated me like a rice sack,
I don’t wish him back,
But this remembrance cannot lack.
With the loudest voice,
And obnoxious noise,
His voice will scream annoyance no more.
With him gone, my heart shall soar.
I must treat him good,
And not like yuck food,
May he rest in peace, though me, he booed.
Henry Zack, I almost had you sued.
At class everyday,
All the time at the lunch bay,
He’d place mold in my sandwich and say,
“You smell like farts again today.”
I tried to be nice,
To give him advice,
But he was mean anyway,
And struck back in a trice.
But, elegy this must be,
So elegy you shall see,
Rest in peace, Henry Zack,
But still, I don’t wish you back.
I wrote this last one last year:
Running down the mountains,
Rolling through the grass,
Spotting fluffy white figures,
Floating through the sky.
Daisy chains go round your neck,
Crowns of lilacs bright,
Wading cross’ the bubbling brook.
Climbing trees up high.
Sitting atop the branches,
Looking down below,
Lambs a’ running to and fro,
Happily they go!
I didn’t really like how only the last verse rhymed though. 😛
And that’s the end of the poems! Congratulations if you survived! XD
Also, did any of those poems fit the humor category? I’m trying to write a humor poem for Enni’s contest. Thank you!
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The 10 Best Things About Being A Filipino

Disclaimer: The featured image backround picture doesn’t belong to me. I just got it of google images.

Hello everyone! I know I said I wasn’t posting on Fridays and sometimes Sundays, but today is exceptional because 1) I wrote this post last night and wanted to post it today and 2) we usually babysit on Fridays, but not today because everyone has colds 😦 . But at least I get to post! 😀 And just letting you know, I haven’t forgotten about my 30 follower Q&A! I will post it soon. 🙂

Some of you know, I’m a Filipino. #Asian And I’m proud to say it! I’ve collected a couple things that are the best things about being a Filipino.

  1. If you’re going to a Filipino party, you don’t have to worry about being late. Because everybody else will be late as well.
  2. There is always lots and lots and lots and lots of good Filipino food when you go to a Filipino party.
  3. We have a biiiiiig family. Even if those people aren’t really your family, they are!
  4. We are always polite and everyone is so friendly. (I need to work on this, though 😛 )
  5. Filipino’s are smart! 😉
  6. We point with our lips. XD (well I don’t, but everyone else does 😛 ) In other words, we have ‘advanced communication skills’.
  7. We have AMAZING desserts! Halo-halo!!! 😮 Halo-halo basically means mixed together, because it’s a mix of yummy stuff. Gulaman (Jelly), jackfruit, crushed ice, coconut milk, Ube icecream (I’m pretty sure it’s icecream made from sweet potato… it’s the purple icecream on the top in the picture). Doesn’t it look delicious? 😮
  8. A lot of us are pretty musical. Music is my therapy!
  9. When you’re at a Filipino party, you’re greeted with a hug from everyone.
  10. We open presents on Christmas Eve! 😮

Well, I hope you enjoyed that! 🙂

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Oh and I just wanted to share the following video with you because it’s amazing!


Hello my beauties!

I’m so sorry for two posts in one day, but I made a minor update on my blog, as you may have noticed.

What I changed:

  • The header. I think it’s better than before. It’s not too professional, because I don’t want to pay Canva so I can download my fonts, but I still like it a lot. 🙂 ❤
  • My button/s. I think they’re pretty good, I got the wreaths from angiemakes.com (awesome website with lovely designs!). My last button, in which I attempted to make a flower wreath, turned out to be a lopsided thing, so I like this a lot better. Simple but pretty! 🙂

And that’s about it! 🙂 I might change a few more things later on, but for now, I like it this way.

Currently, the font in my header is black|

My Homeschool Notebook-3

Do you like this better? |

My Homeschool Notebook-5

Which one do you like better? Which one best suits my blog? Any tweaking?

Smile and God bless!

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Pick A Post! {Please read}

Hi everyone!

What kind of posts would you like to see in the future? These are the posts I’ve already got scheduled (I need more ideas for the rest of the month).

{Wed 19} Soap making experiment

{Thurs 20} Photo Dump

{Sat 21} The Ups And Downs Of Being A Homeschooler

{Sun 22} The Ups And Downs of Being A Shorty Part 2

{Monday 23} Post a sneak-peak of The Two Towers

{24 Tues} Art Exhibit {Sibling Drawings}

Sorry for the short post! Please comment what you think of these posts as well as some more post ideas for the rest of the month. Please don’t be offended if I don’t use your idea! 🙂

Bye, lovelies!

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Why Fidget Spinners?

In case you don’t know what fidget spinners are (if you don’t, HOW. THEY. ARE. SO. POPULAR.) , they’re like tops, except with skateboard bearings in the middle and ‘caps’ on the bottom and top. You hold it in between your fingers where the middle bearing is and spin it around. There is also a diamond spinner which I think is really cool.

basic fidget spinners. you can get some really pretty ones too.

You can actually make your own fidget spinner. Obviously, it won’t spin for as long, but it will spin for pretty long. 🙂

So first, how are they fidget spinners? Fidgeting is moving your fingers around, tapping the floor, and just basically not sitting/standing still. 😛 With a fidget spinner, you just hold it in between your fingers and watch it spin. Sure, you can do tricks with it, like jump it to one finger to the other and stuff like that, but without that, you just watch it. My brother said it was created for anxiety and to help kids concentrate in school, but all the kids I know who have fidget spinners say that their teachers take them of them in school. XD

I’m not saying fidget spinners are bad, though. You can find some really pretty ones; and that’s literally why I like fidget spinners. Coz THEY. ARE. SO. PRETTY. You can get some really pretty metal ones. SO. SHINY. They also come in different shapes that make them so gorgeous! *screams

But I don’t have one. Coz I tap my feet when I’m sitting down and bored. 😛


my brother wanted to do a section of this post about how to get a good fidget spinner, so here is his part of the post: (I also decided to do it in a question and answer form)

What’s good about a fidget spinner?

Well, it’s fun and is so called to be anxiety relieving. You can get it even if you don’t have anxiety 😛 and for something to do when your bored

What’s better: a two sided fidget spinner or a three sided one? Why?

I’m gonna get right to it. 3 sided. Why? a 3 sided fidget spinner, when you spin it and move it around, it tends to spin longer. 2 sided ones don’t spin very long if you move it around. It stops in 2 seconds. but, if you don’t move a 2 sided one around to much, its pretty much fine. so all in all, I would say 3 sided ones, but 2 sided ones are alright.

How do I know if the fidget spinner I want isn’t good quality?

Try test it, and the main things you want to be aware of is the middle bearing. some bearings tend to push out a little, so look out for that. make sure it is tight. You can notice that if it doesn’t wobble when you spin it. second, is that it spins fast. (obviously you already know to look out for this.)

How do you know a fast fidget spinner when you test it?

If it looks like it’s spinning fast, basically.

Overall, what would be the best fidget spinner to get?

im gonna cut to the chase. 3 sided, tight bearing, quiet bearing, spins fast.


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Ok guys! I’m gonna go now. Bye! 😀 Hope you enjoyed that little ramble and a few tips by my bro. 🙂

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Random Ramblings of Randomness (mostly writing)

Hi everyone and happy Friday!

How has your week been? School has been pretty easy, but I’ve been pretty horrible at my math. I was reviewing mental multiplication and got somewhere in the 50’s. :/

This week I started a new story about these kids who found some time crystals and travel back in time to different stories. I’ve always wanted to write a book like that. But I got stuck at the beginning because I couldn’t make the kids dialogue realistic enough, and I was battling between having the many characters that I have, or cutting them down to maybe two or three. What are your thoughts?

I said in my last post before that I’m also having trouble thinking up ideas for stories. It just doesn’t pop up. :/ Plus I want to do NaNoWriMo this year, and I want to plan early. Too early. XD But I want to have an idea. Have any? If you guys are wondering why I didn’t post on Thursday, yesterday, was because I didn’t really have time to cook. So sorry. I’ll get another cooking post up next Thursday.

I’m back to this post after a few hours, and I’ve been writing a story that for now has the weird title of Through The Other Side. It’s about this girl, Kara who moves with her Mom, her teenage sister Alex and her twin brother Andy. She discovers a left behind mirror in her bedroom, where her reflection has it’s own mind. Her reflection, Karalia needs help with her kingdom. They had been chased out of their kingdom and Karalia needs Kara to act as princess in the campsite where they are staying while she goes of to set things right. But along the way Kara’s sister and brother gets involved in everything, and when a mistake occurs, the three children find themselves on the mission instead of Karalia.

I’m not sure about it, and it’s just a rough draft. The beginning that I did was them moving, and then moves along to her in her room and discovering Karalia, and they have this really long conversation with Karalia explaining things and stuff. I feel like it’s really long, but I also need a way to explain everything. But I don’t want it to be as long as it is now. I think the whole conversation (plus a few side sentences) is 736 words long. But it also includes a short conversation between Andy and Kara, but you get the gist of how long it is. Any ideas?

Well, so long! 🙂

❤ Zielle

How many of you love the Janette Oke books? *raises hand*