On The Wings of A Dream {Blog Tour}

Hi everyone! I’m so excited to be participating in Enni’s blog tour for her new blog, On The Wings of A Dream.

I think both her header and her button are beautiful. Take a look for yourself!

Here is her button. Don’t forget to swap with her!

A few things about Enni:

  • She is a great friend.
  • She is a great writer.
  • She loves horses.
  • She is homeschooled.
  • She is a Christian.
  • She likes photography.

She is an awesome person, so if I were you, I’d go check out her blog right now! 🙂 (well, after the interview)

The Interview:

Enni’s writing is in blue-green aqua color and my questions are in bold. I also have comments after some of her answers which are in italics.

– Was it hard for you to give up something about horses in your blog title?

Yes, it was. ☹ I was going to do something like “Riding in a Dream” but then it wouldn’t be related to writing, and since I’m not an official horse rider, I didn’t think that I had a right to say that. 😛

Hehe, fair enough!

– Is your new blog, “On The Wings of A Dream” still going to include horse posts?

Oh, yes, DEFINITELY. 😃 I have many ideas for some!


– Do you have exciting plans for us in the future? If not, that’s okay. What do you hope “On The Wings of A Dream” will become and mean to people?

YES! But I’m not sharing them. 😝I think…I hope that it will be a place that people can enjoy God-honoring writing, and I also hope that it will just be a sort of nice, clean, refuge from the other bad parts of the internet.

I’m excited! 😉 😜 Yeah, that’s a good answer.

– Why “On The Wings of A Dream”?

Hmm, Scribbling on a Dream got the highest votes on my poll, but somehow, it mysteriously transformed into On the Wings of a Dream. XD Not too helpful, I know. 😝

Haha. Well, I think I like On the Wings of a Dream better anyway. 😉

– How long have you been wanting to start a new blog?

About…I created it in September, so three months?​

– Did it take you a long time to settle on a name?

I think so, yes!

(Like me! I’m so indecisive. XD)

– Why do you blog? What motivates you to do it?

I blog because I like to share my thoughts and spread happiness to the world. 😀 Hmm…I am honestly not sure!

Good answer! 🙂

– What is your biggest pet peeve about blogging?

When I accidentally publish a page instead of a post. 😡


– What is your favourite thing about blogging?

Probably getting to meet all these awesome people – including you! 😃 Also, thanks to Allison’s Etsy Shop that’s on her blog, she, Megan and I have now become pen pals – blogging has really just opened up a new world to me!

Aw, it was awesome to meet you as well! You’re such a great blogging friend. 😊 💗

– Do you have anything special planned for Christmas on your blog?

Yes, I do – however, that’s a secret for now. 😊


– Last question: What bloggers inspire you?

You, Allison, Megan, Madi…

Aw, that’s so sweet of you to say! And yes, those blogger are very awesome. 😊

Thank you so much for the questions! 😃

Thank YOU for doing this with me, Enni! Congrats again on your new blog!!


~ Zielle

p.s I have a very important choir performance soon, so wish me luck!



Introducing, The Ardent Author’s Writing Challenge! {AAWC} – Coming January 2018


The teams are finally here! 😀 And also, if January next year doesn’t work for you guys, please let me know when it would suit you. 🙂

So I didn’t only want to do writing in my challenge, but I feel like photography is copying, so I’ll just have to be creative with my writing prompts/themes.

| How to get points |

  • Story/poem 2 points
  • Creativity (+3 points)
  • If you use your team name (e.g eagle, +2 points)
  • If you take photos or draw to illustrate your story (yes I couldn’t help myself I’m sorry) (+2 points per photo)

And finally, the teams! I hope you like them! 🙂


Team Forest



Pretty  plain, but I’m happy with them. ❤

So please comment down below if you would like to enter, your name, the blog which you will be posting on, and the team you would like to be on as well as a second choice.

If you don’t have a blog but you would like to participate, send me your entries through this link:


It’s private, so send a request and I’ll let you in. Just put your story in the comment section of the first post.

If you have any helpful ideas, I would love to know them!

~ Zielle

CPC // {Finale} Challenge Six

WOW. I can’t believe this challenge will soon be over! A HUGE thank you to Carol, who hosted this amazing challenge. 🙂 I loved all the prompts and the fact that you can take pictures to illustrate your story as well! Good luck to all the teams!

Story: 1

Prompts: 3




“I never stood a chance, did I?”

“That’s the sad part – you did, once.”


I’m not sure why I fell in love with her.

Photography/Art: 20

Total: 24

“I never stood a chance, did I?”

“That’s the sad part. Because once, you did.”

I’m not sure why I fell in love with her. Maybe because she was beautiful. Maybe because her hair was as golden as the purest honey. Or maybe it was because of her angelic voice. I don’t think it was any of those.

The day I met her I was at the beach. I never liked the beach. But that day I was, for some reason there at the beach, just standing with my toes digging into the sand, the wind blowing in my face and the waves leaping up in front of me.


And then I saw her. She had her hands on a rustic trolley that looked like it had been run over by twenty trucks and then put back together piece by piece. Her trolley was filled with shells. All kinds of shells; and the trolley was filled all the way to the top.


I approached her. I started talking. She seemed shy at first, but then she opened up. I spent some time with her, and we started hanging out for while. She was different from everybody else I had ever met. She always found the good in everything. Then I realized that I fell in love with her. Every minute I spent with her, it seemed that her voice because sweeter. Her hair more golden than honey.


Her eyes bluer than the sea. Her smile warming my heart more than ever.


One day she introduced me to her Dad. He didn’t like me. He looked me in the eye and told me that his daughter deserved better. And he was right. She did.

After that I didn’t hear from her for a long time. Until one day I found out that she was married.

Then I remembered how much we were in love. The sunsets we spent together. Our first kiss. The song we wrote together.

The day we met.

“I never stood a chance. I never should have thought I could be with her.”

“Did you love her?”

“Of course I did.”

“Did she love you?”


“Then you should have gone after her.”

“You don’t understand. Her Dad didn’t like me.”

“If you really loved her you would’ve gone after her. Like I said before; you had a chance once.”

I’m still not sure why I fell in love with her. But I did. We could have had a life together; but I didn’t take the one chance that I had.

There you go! My last story for this challenge. This story was kinda sad… :/ And I don’t usually write stories like this, so I hope you liked it!

~ Zielle

October 2017 Recap // November Welcome

October is gone, November is here.


It feels like only a few days since September 2017 left us and October came. This year has gone by so fast.

Goodbye, October, see you next year when you’re older and I’m wiser enough to use you better then I did this year.  I hope you had a great time with me, and happy late birthday! You officially turned 2017.


  • I wrote a book review on Hidden in Harmony on The Ardent Reader.
  • My sister got married!
  • Season 4 of The Flash came out!
  • We moved to our new place a year ago.
  • Our Apricots grew.
  • I started a new English book, Argument & Persuasive Language (yr 11 and 12, no I’m not year 11 and 12)
  • We went to our town agricultural show. I didn’t enter anything though, because it was last minute.
  • My Dad had a cataract surgery and it went successfully. ❤
  • My first halloween. I went trick or treating with my brother. I think I ate about one of my lollies. 😛 I went as an alien disguised as a normal kid.
  • This isn’t a good highlight, but the Las Vegas shooting took place. I pray for all the victims’ families, and the people recovering. ❤ Have courage.
  • The democrats created a national day of screaming at the sky, on November 8, because that was the day Donald Trump was elected. *smirks* *giggles* *bursts out laughing* *dies of laughter*
  • My brother found out what the birds in our backyard are called; Striated Pardalotes.
  • I reached 100 followers on MHN.
  • Mukta started a design blog, and Carol is now taking design requests! How awesome is that?
  • I started drama classes. We’re doing The Sound of Music next year!


November, happy birthday! You are 2017 now. May your month hold many surprises and may you have learned from your 2016 self. May you filled with productivity (glances at self), learning, fun, and please encourage me to save my money. I’m tempted to spend it all for christmas.

I hope you will be the month in which we set up our christmas tree, hopefully go to the pool (unless this cold spring weather that has been persistent the past few days stay till summer), and have a whipped cream or shaving cream fight.

Wishing you all the best.


Well, I read one book. I read Hidden In Harmony by JR Thompson last month. 😉

  • Read more books.
  • Write more.
  • Write a last minute NaNo novel even if I have no outline or plan. #cramming

I wrote entries for CPC (Camera And Pens Challenge), but other then that… *cries*


– for November –

  • Write a song
  • Practice piano more
  • Work out a looooot more
  • Post more on my blog
  • Read the Bible at least 10-15 minutes a day
  • Catch up on school!!!!!!!

chat with me!

how was your october? | what were your highlights? | are you doing NaNo? | should I do these kind of posts every month? |have an awesome day!!

Purple Iris Photoshoot + 100 Followers & Announcement!!!

Hi everyone, back again! 🙂

I recently took a couple pictures of our iris’s in the front yard, and I thought I’d share them with you along with a poem. Enjoy!


Ah these are so pretty! I love this next one.






I have 100 followers!! *screams*


On my last blog, I waited 8 months for 49 followers. Now? Oh my goodness. Thank you SO much, guys! You guys mean so much to me; THANK YOU! You are amazing!


1226 comments (including mine)


Top Commenters:

Thank you SO MUCH, everyone! 😀

*hands out marshmallows and chocolates and mint chocolate and mint tea and mint candy and mint everything*

OK, now for the announcement I hope you won’t be disappointed.

I’m planning on hosting a writing contest very early next year if the heat doesn’t make me lazy-er . *cue the screaming* *hears nothing*

I really like the idea of photography and writing, so if Carol doesn’t mind, I might use that idea unless you guys have another idea. I want writing AND something else.

You could also get a couple bonus points for creativity.

There have been a lot of writing contests lately so I won’t blame ya if you want a break, but just letting you know in advance. 🙂

So if you have any ideas for things that go well with writing in a contest, PLEASE let me know! Thanks!

~ Zielle

CPC {Challenge Two}

As I said in my last post, I’m hoping/trying to get back on my schedule, but my sister just got married so I had been helping with all the preparations. Sorry the pictures are kind of bad. 😉 Anyway, here we go!

|Prompts I used/points|


Image result for picture prompt


“Have you ever dreamed of flying?”


I watched as everything faded before my eyes.


This could not be happening.

Prompts: 3

Story: 1

Photo/artwork points: 18

Total points: 22

I watch as everything fades before my eyes. As we drive down our rocky hill I watch as I see the blue fence of our porch and the green of our almond trees shift from view.

No, this is not an almond tree. 😉


This can not be happening.

Have I ever dreamed of flying? Of course I have. Who hasn’t? Who hasn’t dreamed of soaring above the clouds; free; happy; away from the troubles of the rest of the world? No one. No one that I know of. Each person I have ever met wants to get away.

Wow I didn’t realize how dark this picture was…

But now, I want to stay put on the ground. I want to  walk on the same grass where I took my first step.


Climb up the same tree where I marked the highest branch as my own. I want to live the rest of my childhood here. I want to have the same fun and adventure I had for my first years. I don’t want to leave. I see the yellow on the wattle tree beside our swing set fade into a blur, and our plum tree loaded with fresh plums slowly disappears.

2016-08-08 12.03.44



I feel like I’m a tiny person trapped in a place where I don’t belong. Longing to be where I do belong.

Image result for picture prompt
This image isn’t mine. It’s one of the prompts.

Where the only things that hear my singing is the trees. Where when I feel like crying; I can, without any ears to hear me. Where when I’m happy, I can laugh my feelings out to the azure sky.

The memories of our picnics under the creamy clouds, the sunsets in the evening, and the sunrise, both beautiful scenes we could see above the mountain peaks from our windows.

I remember our raft where we floated on our pond, fishing out yabbies in our nets, and wading across our driveway when the rocks below overflowed.

I hear the signal of our car flick to the right, and we turn, leaving the gate, the pond, the rocks, the trees, and my home.


But then I smile. At least I can still remember all the memories. At least, wherever I go, I can make new memories. New cherished moments. And whatever time brings, this place will always be in my heart.



A very… inaccurate drawing of my old house. XD Sorry for the terrible quality.

There you go! 🙂 I hope you enjoyed. ❤Be - YOU - ti -f ul!-4

Camera And Pens Challenge {Challenge One}

Hi everyone! Carol is hosting a photography AND writing challenge. This is challenge, and the prompts are below.

First of all, I’m sorry for staying away for so long! I’ve been busy, but I think now I can get back to my schedule.

So anyway, below are the prompts that I used:

Enni (Hooves and Pens)
Zielle (My Homeschool Notebook)
Chloe (Golden Feathers, Silver Clouds)
Mirra (Colours Beyond Dreams)
Mukta (Born Free)
Saanvi (A Notebook, One Pen, And Me)
Yashvi (Born Free)
Anya (My Life In Words)
Aris (awkwardaris)


2) Maybe it was just one minute. Or just one second. Or maybe one microsecond.

It whipped past my memory WAY too fast.

3) “Do you even know how to do this?!”

“I don’t know. I’ve never tried to kidnap and hold someone underwater before.”


“Jackson!” the voice screamed. “Jackson Herald, get back here!”

Jackson jerked his bike to the right as a mother with a pram filled with three kids took up half the street. “Watch it!” the Mom shot him an angry glance. Her hair bushed over her face and the blond locks tangled.

“Sorry!” he called back, shooting a glance over his shoulder. She looked tired. Better give her a break.

His legs pushed down on the pedals, his helmet lolling back and forth across his head as he rode. The boy held his head up, feeling the wind whip through his dark hair. When he rode his bike, he felt free. It was the only thing his father left for him before he took off. He had never met his mother.


The yell and the sound of shoes slapping the pavement behind him broke his thoughts. He remembered why he was riding in the first place. It was his history teacher at the Home For Boys. Poor fella couldn’t get anything out of the teenager. This wasn’t the first time Jackson had run from his lessons.

The shoes to the pavement stopped, and Jackson whipped around to see his history  teacher standing there, his lips moving as if muttering a prayer and his fists clenched at his sides.


He shook his head and turned around, just as his bike slammed into a pole and toppled of the front of the bike, falling headfirst into the water. He was still conscious when he smacked the surface of the water and saw his bike; the only memory of his father, plunge in after him.

Jackson dove for his bike, his fingers stretching out to grab the handlebars of his bike. It slipped from his grasp. No. He thought. His tears mixed with the salty water. Air, was all he could think about for a few seconds. Shooting one last glance at his bike sinking to the bottom, he pushed his arms against the water as the surface came closer.

He wasn’t moving. Why am I not moving? The surface of the water wasn’t getting any closer. In fact, it was getting farther. NO!

He felt arms grasp tighter around his waist, and then water flooded into his nose and everything turned black.

Maybe it was just one minute. Or just one second. Or maybe one microsecond.

It whipped past his memory way too fast.

All he could remember was Mr. Haynes, his history teacher standing on the street as he rode away from him. Then he remembered falling. And that’s all.

His eyes fluttered open. “My bike.”


A face appeared in front of him. Coal black hair floated around the frame, and blue eyes stared at him.

Jackson tried to scramble back, but he only grunted as rough material ripped at his wrists and ankles. “What the-”

The girl that was staring at him before was now sitting on what looked like a giant shell. She held a sword like thing in her hand, the bottom covered with moss, serving as a handle.

“Am I in-” he paused. “Water?”

The girl nodded. “Yes.” And that’s when I noticed her scaly mermaid tail, shimmering and flicking around underneath her.

“You’re a- mermaid?”

She just looked at me.

“Why am I in- in vines? And…how am I not dead?”

“You’re a spy. You bring war. Why would you not be bound? And if you prefer to be dead, I can make that happen.” She approached him, the point of her sword aimed for his chest.

“No no no!” he tried to scramble back. Then he remembered. “You tried to pull me back under! And I’m the one bringing war? I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“But you’re not dead.” She said.

“But neither are you.”

“I might be dead if you had found me first.”

“But instead I’m going to be dead?”

The mermaid looked at me. “You’ve come to bring war. You’re a spy.” She floated closer to him, and he felt the ripple of the water against his skin and instinctively held his breath. “Is that true?”

“No!” Jackson’s eyes shot to his side where a sharp stone lay, fixed to the rock he sat on. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Keeping his eyes on the mermaid, he slowly inched closer to the stone.

She turned her back on him for a minute, and he edged closer, rubbing his bindings against the stone as best as he could in water. Snap! Hands free, he undid the vines on his feet. The mermaid suddenly turned around, and he pushed himself of the rock with his legs.

Bang! Jackson hit a wall. “What?” he turned around, his head smarting. Flinging himself at the mermaid, he pummeled her to the rock floor, taking her by surprise. “How do I get out of here?” he demanded, pressing his hands down hard on her wrists.

In a swift motion, the mermaid snapped her arm down, smashing her tail into his back. She pointed the tip of her sword at his neck. “Perhaps I was mistaken. Even if you had found me first, you would still be dead.”

“Do you even know how to do this?” Jackson tried to laugh. “Keep someone hostage?”

“I don’t know. I’ve never tried to kidnap and hold someone before.” The mermaid sneered. “Have you ever been in a situation like this? If you were, you would know never to go on top of your opponent like that. I will do anything to keep my people safe. You will tell me the plans of your master, or I will kill you.”

TA DA! Yes, I know, that was terrible. Shocking. Truly horrible. *sighs* Oh well. That was fun.

Sorry Team Lavender, that I don’t have any pictures or drawings to go with this. 😦

Good luck to all the other teams as well!

Be - YOU - ti -f ul!-4

P.S Sorry for the delay to all the people who asked to swap buttons. I’ll get your buttons up soon!!