Define That Word #2 {Voting!} + The Wands of Trystal Chapter One

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Chapter One

I lean against the window, gazing at the dull gardens of the school yards. I tear slides down my cheek, and I quickly rub it away. No one can see I am crying. I promised my Mom I would be strong. A year ago, my Dad left my Mom and I, and just three weeks ago I was taken to live with my Aunt when my Mom disappeared. In only two days, my Aunt had arranged for me to be shipped of to Miss Steeple’s Boarding School for Girls.

I imagine myself with my Mother, flying through the sky on fairy wings. It has been my wish for so long, I think.

The school bell gongs and I leap from my seat on the window sill. How many times has it rung this time before I paid attention? I wonder. Yesterday it was six, so I had been told. I can’t be late for class again.

I grab my brush and run it through my golden hair, and then twist my hair into a french braid. A curl bounced over my eye and I push it back. Messy again. Mom used to do such beautiful and neat braids.

I arrive in class, and the first thing I look at is the big grandfather clock ticking away on the other side of the room. 9:16AM. My record of being late. I sigh and slide into my seat, ignoring the blatant stares I grew so used to in my two weeks here.

“Miss Drinnigan, I thought I made it clear that if you were late again, you would not have dinner for three days?” Miss Steeple’s voice cuts through the whispers and snickers echoing through the room.

“I’m sorry, Ma’am. I lost track of the time.” I answer in all honesty. I feel my cheeks burn a tomato red. “I was thinking about- nothing.”

I hear a giggle from across the room. Miss Steeple gives the owner of the giggle a cold stare. “Miss Temple, back to your duties.”

“A time to think, a time to be on time.” Miss Steeple claps her plump hands together. Another loud snicker sounds behind me. Miss Steeple says nothing. Only smiles slightly. Of course. Jessica Morgan. Teachers’ pet.

“Turn to page seventeen in your English books.” She turns back to me. “I would like to see you after school, Jovial.”

I nod. “Yes Ma’am.” “I let my backpack fall of my shoulders. I kick it under the desk. Another day without my family in this horrible place. I feel a sharp tug on my braid. Jessica Morgan. I grit my teeth and turned back to my work. She isn’t worth wasting my time. Jessi smirks. “I heard we’re having potato soup for dinner tonight, Drinnigan.” She whispers. I can feel her hot breath in my ear. My stomach rumbles. I suck in my breath.

“Yeah right, Morgan.” I shoot back.

Jessi gives my braid another yank and looks down. “Jovial Drinnigan. What a sissy name.”

I glance at the clock and then close my eyes. “Six more hours.”

School drags on, and finally the last bell of the day gongs and I shoot out of my seat like a rocket on fire. “Jovial!”

I stop. Right. Miss Steeple wanted to see me after school. “Yes Ma’am?” I turn around.

The girls push past me and Jessi Morgan rams her shoulder into mine. “Have fun, dork!” she hisses, then turns to Miss Steeple, putting on a silky smile. “See you at dinner, Miss Steeple.” Miss Steeple smiles and swoons over Jessi’s beauty. She is so much more beautiful than me, I know.

I scowl. Rat.

Miss Steeple turns back to me. “I know your mother just died, but that doesn’t give you any excuse to be late for every class since you’ve been here. I expect better from you, Jovial.”

“I’m sorry, Miss Steeple. It’s just been hard.”

Miss Steeple sighs. “I will see you at dinner tonight, Jovial, don’t be late. And please try harder.” Miss Steeple brushes past me, patting me on the back.

Maybe she isn’t so bad. I creep to my room, trying to avoid the cold stare and mean words of Jessica.

I push the door to my room open. “I wish I were a fairy,” I say outloud, as soon as the door is shut. “Then I could get away from reality.”

Being a fairy has been my dream eversince I was two years old and my Mom read me fairytales every night before bed and when I woke in the morning.

I spy the painting above my bed and smile. It is a painting of my Mom and I that she had painted. In the painting we are walking down the path in our favorite park, holding hands. It is Autumn, our favorite time of year. Mom has a periwinkle in her right hand, holding it pressed against her chest. I am only six at the time.

“Oh Mom, I wish you were here. I wish I could be a fairy and escape this awful place.” I whisper, climbing onto my bed. I place my hand on the periwinkle. Smiling again, I sink into the bed and lie down for a quick nap.


Music is playing. Everything smells so sweet like the honey dew scent I smelled every morning at home. My eyes flutter open. Where am I? I blink my eyes to adjust. So blurry. I gaze at my surroundings. A silky purple canopy is above me, the color of a fresh periwinkle. But it is still bright in the room. Around me there are people. But they look different. I feel like I have known them for a long time.

I struggle to sit up and blink again. I’m right. They’re fairies. Lacy wings extend from their backs, fluttering as the fairies flit about the place. This is impossible. Fairies aren’t supposed to be real! But yet, here they are in front of me, flying around. I must be dreaming. But it all looks and feels so real to be a dream. I don’t bother pinching myself. Even if this is a dream, I never want to wake up. That must mean I am small. Because everyone knows fairies are much less than a thumb high.

“She’s waking up!” a voice says. Oh no. I don’t want to! I close my eyes, thinking it is someone from my boarding school. But then I open them again when I still feel the cold hard surface of the toadstool I am on beneath me.

I try to find the owner of the voice. It’s a boy. He has a hint of green in his wings, and the green in his eyes are only a tint darker. He wears a long brown shirt and leather pants. A braided leather belt is strapped around his waist and he wears boots. He flies towards me, a bow and arrow in hand. I scramble back. “What-what are you?” I try to sound steady, despite the fact that I am a little scared, but it only comes out as a croak.

The boy scoffs. “I expect you’d know. You wished to be here.”

“Be nice, Kip.” Another voice says. A fairy, a girl with long shiny aqua colored hair floats towards him, placing a hand on his shoulder. Her voice is like a rippling brook. Her eyes are a shallow sea blue, and her dress blue, fading into a lush grass green.

“Relax, Lark.” Kip says, a slight smirk on her face.

Lark glares at him.

“Oh I know you’re a fairy, but- how? Why?” I stutter.

“Hi there!” Lark says, pushing in front of Kip and smiling. “I’m-”

“Queen Alalia!” she is interuppted by a shout. “She’s here!”

My head shoots up when I hear the name. I wonder what fairy has the same name as my Mother’s.

The fairy who is called Lark, darts back into the crowd. Kip, the fairy with the bow and arrows flies beside me, extending his bow and fitting a feathered arrow on the quiver, aiming it directly me. My eyes grow wide and I try to look for an escape route. Suddenly his arm shoots up and he lets go. Zing! The arrow whizzes over my head. I cower. It sices a rope holding a curtain made of long vines. They are covered with leaves and flowers. It drops down behind me, just barely brushing the ground. I stare at it. Periwinkles.

I turn back to the fairies. A hush flows over the crowd of fairies and everyone sits still on their toadstools and petal seats.

I back to the vines. I squint. It’s so bright. A fairy in a long glittering dress made from thousands of periwinkles, appears from behind the vines. It looks like someone I know. Someone I have loved for a long time. My heart skips a beat.

Muahahahaa whooo is it? Guess in the comments, but I won’t tell you. 😉 You probably will guess right though. 😛

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Homeschoolers Unite!! {Something Like an Essay}


Disclaimer: I’m not saying going to school is bad, or you shouldn’t go to school. What I am saying, is that what most schools teach these days are bad, and kids shouldn’t have to be exposed to it.

My Mom’s friend, a homeschooling Mom came to our house today to ask us to sign a petition against the new homeschool draft regulations in our state. The DET (Education Department) and VRQA are making these changes.

In about two weeks, parliament will be voting whether these regulations should take place or not.

My Mom’s friend says that when they vote, they get to decide whether we are ruled under Godly power, or un-Godly power. Students at schools experiencing bullying and worse, have to wait a certain amount of time before their parents can pull them out of school into homeschooling. What happens when these children have to be pulled out immediately? They shouldn’t have to wait to feel safe. What’s more, the DET don’t want to admit anything. Some homeschooling parents submitted some things, protesting the regulations and why. And the DET (Education Department) actually removed some of what these parents had to say, without them knowing. Here is one of them. The font in red is what was deleted:

I only included this one, because the others are pretty bad and I didn’t think you’d want to see them.

It took 6 months for our son to feel comfortable (he had also been seeing a child psychologist an Occupational Therapist and other medical professionals for this entire time) to tell us that he was being bullied and was sexually assaulted at his school, sadly he did not even tell us or the various other professionals about the assault until safely home schooled for six months as it took him that long to trust he would not be returning to the school.
[replaced by] It took 6 months for our son to feel comfortable to tell us that he was being bullied.

Ms. Wight said, ‘We believe this process was more about protecting DET than the submission makers’ privacy.’

That’s true. If the submission makers put what they said in what they submitted, then they probably wanted it kept there. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

The VRQA/DET want us to have to submit in copies of our work; what we’ve been doing in homeschooling. And if they see that we are being taught Creation Science (that God created our universe), then we can’t be registered for homeschooling until we change our science teachings. We aren’t afraid to have to send in our work, because we know there is nothing wrong with it, but if they see it, they probably won’t let us keep on doing what we’re doing. And plus, it’s too cumbersome.

I don’t think people are seeing what’s being taught in schools these days. They tell children that’s it’s OK to be a gender they are not. They teach sexual things, and things that would have parents locked up if they exposed their children to these kinds of explicit things. Well what’s the difference? These students are children who are not supposed to be taught these things at that age. And they call this new thing ‘Safe Schools’. I think they misinterpreted the word safe. Because my dictionary says this (and probably every other dictionary you can find will as well):

Definition of safe; safer; safest

  1. 1 :  free from harm or risk :  unhurt

  2. 2a :  secure from threat of danger, harm, or lossb :  successful at getting to a base in baseball without being put out

  3. 3 :  affording safety or security from danger, risk, or difficulty

  4. 4 obsolete, of mental or moral faculties :  healthy, sound

There are more, but I think you get the point.

Let me give you a brief explanation on what homeschooling is:

It is learning about the world, and learning life.

It is mastering and doing what you love.

One homeschooled girl on an interview on TV (I shared this interview/video a couple weeks ago), and she said, “For me, homeschooling is learning about the world.”

And if these regulations are forced on homeschoolers, the whole point of homeschooling is going to be lost. Different homeschoolers learn differently. Different children learn differently. Homeschooling is very flexible, and it meets the homeschoolers’ unique way of learning. If these regulations are forced down our throats, that’s all going to change.

Coordinator of the Home Education Network, Susan Wight, said the government had not produced any evidence of a problem in home schooling to justify changes in the legislation. (ABC Central, Romensky, Larissa)

“The normal practice to increase regulations is to identify a problem and then propose a solution; they haven’t identified a problem,” Ms Wight said.

In another article on the Home Education Network, she wrote:

Good regulations should identify a clear problem. The ‘problem’ identified is “some home-schooled children may not receive a quality education.” The regulatory increase is disproportionate with the possibility of a problem.

  • DET identified no evidence of harm.
  • DET examined school results for previously home educated students and found no problem.
  • DET tracked home ed alumni and found no problem.

(Wight, Sue)

She’s right. Don’t these people teach logic in their schools?

There are a lot of homeschoolers who stand with me on this. There was a survey asking homeschoolers if they wanted the regulations enforced or not. About 100% of them said NO. What I like about the petitions though, is that children are allowed to sign the petitions. I think you can guess if I signed or not.

Homeschoolers are happy with what they are doing. Some homeschoolers do like to use curriculum, some homeschoolers learn from everyday life and books. We can’t all be put in one tiny box and told that we all have to be taught the same thing. And in that box, you have to teach your children that evolution is true even if you don’t believe in it. We should be able to have the right to believe what we believe. I want to be homeschooled the way I want to be homeschooled. The DET can teach public/private schools whatever they want. But we don’t want to be a part of it.

Homeschooling is a way of getting out of the stress of public/private schooling, and the DET is adding stress to LIFE ITSELF. I dare you to search up, “define homeschool”. And I promise you it will come up with this:

noun: homeschooling; plural noun: homeschoolings; noun: home-schooling; plural noun: home-schoolings
  1. the education of children at home by their parents.

If you didn’t understand that, let me repeat it: homeschooling is the education of children at home by their parents. What happened to parents having the right over their children? That is the definition of homeschooling and if the DET put through these regulations, they will be murdering it.

Now I think I’m going to go of and take some pictures for Nature class.

Well, I hope you enjoyed that! Again, I’m not saying you should be homeschooled or not homeschooled. Some schools still have their heads on right and know that kids should stay kids while they are kids.

I’d like to share this quote with you:

We expect kids to sit for hours and do what they are told to do, and if they can’t do it, nobody kindly says, “I see you’re restless, get up and play.” They say, “You better get tested for ADHD so we can put you on drugs…”

Peter Gray, PhD

My sources are these:

My head (sorry I don’t have a citation for this)

Romensky, Larissa. “Home-Schooling Parents Concerned about Proposed Changed to Victorian Legislation.” ABC News, 30 Jan. 2017,

Wight, Sue. “What DET Doesn’t Want You to See.” Home Education Network,


Thank you!

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P.S Also, I took to thought what Megan@ABarefootGal told me. She said that she does her end of the month posts whenever she likes, or else they aren’t fun to do. So that’s what I’m doing, because doing these monthly posts are not fun to make. I’ve been stalling for a week to do it. 😉

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30 Follower Q&A {Answers} + A Draft I Didn’t Get To Post

Hey everyone! I wrote this draft a week ago and forgot to post it, so here it is now.

Last week Two weeks ago, I posted a 30 follower Q&A post. I had a couple people comment with some questions, so thank you to all of them! 🙂





I also included some questions for you to answer, and I’ll also be including your answers here as well. My answers to your questions are first, and your answers to my question will be second. Enjoy!

{Elisabeth’s questions and answers}


1: Why did you start bogging?

I started blogging on Edublogs a couple years ago because I wanted to share my writings and thoughts with you guys. That reason is the same reason I started MHN. 🙂

2: What’s your favorite kind of shoe?

I like going barefoot a lot, but I also like sneakers or boots. But #goingbarefootrockseveninwinter


What two superpowers would you have if you could have some?

The two super powers I’d like are flying and invincibility lol both would come in handy on different occasions!

{Carol’s questions and answers}


1. Opinion on eating healthily?

Well, obviously, I think eating healthily is super important and vital if you want to live longer. 😉 I think it’s OK to eat junk food once in a while, but eating too much of it is bad.

2. Do you like me and my blog? :))

Yes, of course! 🙂 You and your blog are both lovely. ❤

3. Opinion on sauces and dressings?

Hmmm… I like them? XD I like salad dressing better than sauces (like tomato sauce, mustard etc.) because I like salad and my Mom’s dressing is amazing. 😉

4. Out of Sprite, 7-Up, 100 Plus, Mountain Dew, Coke — which one?

Coke will always be the best! 😉

5. What confectionery do you like?

I like mint candy. And usually anything sour. Like Warheads!

6. Do you like sour fruits or sweet ones?

I like both! I also like green mango. Which is just unripe mango. 😛

7. Are you a tomboy or a girly girl?

Honestly, both. I like wearing pretty dresses (sometimes) but I also like wearing jeans and I think I’m pretty adventurous. 😛

8. Are you scared of insects?

Not really. Actually, I’m horribly afraid of bees and wasps. But the others, I just don’t like.


What two superpowers would you have if you could have some?

Uhhh… flight (or teleportation) and invisibility!

What is your favorite food?

Pasta, confectionery, sushi, fruits… oh, there’s a lot!

Would you rather camp, or stay in a hotel?

A hotel, for sure.

What is your favorite kind of music?

Hmm… the only things I don’t like is super heavy rock or death metal. 😛

Would you rather live in a mansion in the city, or in a cozy cottage in the country?

Oh, that’s hard… cottage, maybe?

Would you rather eat potato for the rest of your life, or apples?

Apples. For sure.

Would you rather live in a zoo or a library for the rest of your life?

Library! At least there’s books there!

Would you rather drink nothing but Sprite for the rest of your life, or Coke?

Coke is still better.

Would you rather be beautiful and rich and nobody liked you, or poor and ugly but everyone loved you?

Poor and ugly but everyone loves me.

Would you rather have melted marshmallows or coke on top of your spaghetti, or both?

Uh… marshmallows, please.

{Starling’s questions and answers}


1. Would you rather eat spaghetti with no sauce (oh the horror!) or eat cupcakes with TONS of sugar and frosting?

Oh boy, I could NEVER eat ONE cupcake with tons of sugar and frosting! I’m not much of a sweet tooth. So definitely spaghetti with no sauce.

2. Do you have any siblings?

Yup! Six of em!

3. I THINK you have a dog (right?) What’s its name?

Yes, we have a dog. A Borde-collie. #bordercolliesrule His name is Takoda, but we call him Koda. His name means ‘friendly’. 🙂

4. Why did you begin your blog?

As I said above, because I wanted to have a place to share my thoughts and writings. 🙂

5. If you could have a shop, what would it sell? What would its name be? Where would it be?

Hmmm… I don’t know. I think maybe I’d sell cards and crafts and I might name it… uhm… Kreative Krafts or something like that, I have no idea. 😛 And I don’t know where it would be.

{Enni’s question and answers}

1. Do you like dreamcatchers?

Well, I don’t really care for them, or know much about them, but I guess they’re pretty!

2. What genre do you write in?

I usually write adventure or fantasy, but lately I’ve just been writing blog posts and journal entries.

3. Would you rather write in second person for the rest of your life or only be able to write five pages per year?

I would most definitely write in second person for the rest of my life. I could never ever write that little in a year!!


What two superpowers would you have if you could have some?

Invisibility and time travel.

What is your favorite food?


Would you rather camp, or stay in a hotel?


What is your favorite kind of music?

I like soundtracks and instrumentals.

Would you rather live in a mansion in the city, or in a cozy cottage in the country?


Would you rather eat potato for the rest of your life, or apples?


Would you rather live in a zoo or a library for the rest of your life?

A library, (because they have computers).

Would you rather drink nothing but Sprite for the rest of your life, or Coke?


Would you rather be beautiful and rich and nobody liked you, or poor and ugly but everyone loved you?


Would you rather have melted marshmallows or coke on top of your spaghetti, or both?

Ew, gross. Coke?

Thanks everyone for the questions and everyone else for 30 followers! (now 42!!) 🙂 That was fun.

And now for the draft I didn’t get to post. It was around two days ago.

Yesterday I made some slime. It’s basically stuff you can play with and it’s… slimy. My brother loves making them and I decided to make my own.


It didn’t exactly turn out the way I wanted it. I liked the color and the fact that it wasn’t actually really slimy and runny, but it was also brittle. When you squeezed it it would crack. I also figured out you can cover your finger with slime and stick it in the fire and you won’t get burnt unless you keep it in the flame for too long.

20170724_134046 (2)

My brother made that green slime the day before yesterday. I was trying to make it like that because it was so stretchy and you could squeeze it like a stress ball. Which is why I’m squeezing it right now because it feels good and I’m so stressed right now.

Because I’m trying to make a fairy doll and yesterday I bought floral stem wire so that I could make it I also had already bought some wooden beads for the head. But the hole was only half way through which meant I’d have to drill a hole all the way through. So today, I discovered that our drill is in my Dad’s bus (van) in his toolbox. So no drill. No hand drill either. But we had a chisel in the house, and the hole in the bead was big so I stuck it in and began turning it around inside the hole to try and make it all the way through. No success for the next fifteen minutes. So I trooped outside to see if we had maybe a hand drill with some luck. All I found were some screws. I took one back inside and took out our cutting mat in case I accidentally punctured our buffet. I tried to fit the chisel into the nail so I could maybe use it as a hand screw driver. But it was so wobbly so I gave that up and used my fingers to screw it in.

20170724_130940 (2)

The nail fell on the carpet so I just lay on my tummy and tried to screw it in the bead with my fingers again. *sigh* I took the bead and nail back onto the buffet and began hammering it in with the end of the chisel.

20170724_131054 (2)
Thanks to my Mom who took this photo ❤

Then my brother found me a big hammer so I used that to smash the nail into the bead. It was working!


Then I tried to use the chisel to screw the nail in but it wouldn’t fit in very well and it kept coming out so I went back to hammering.

For the past hour I continued to think it was working until I looked down at the nail to see if it was working and saw that it wasn’t going any deeper.

But oh well. That was fun! 😉

Oh and you can make some slime by watching this video. He starts making the slime at 40 secs. 🙂

Smile, and God bless!

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Photos I should have shared with you ages ago but didn’t {Photo Dump}

Hi everyone! Sorry for the scrappy featured image. 😛 It was taking too long and I wanted to post this. XD

All these photos were taken a while ago; last summer, early last year before we moved and a couple weeks ago when we went rafting. My Mom took nearly all these photos. Thanks, Mom! ❤

Us inspecting the little ‘whirlpool’ in our ‘creek’ last year before we moved:


The rain water filling up our dam:


We had just come home from grocery shopping in town and our driveway was filled with rain water at the bottom. We stopped at the entrance and waded:



We ended up splashing each other and then just sitting in the water. It was freezing but really fun:


We had around seven almond trees and we used to pick them green and eat them with salt. Sometimes we tried to wait for them to ripen, but the cockatoos and the other birds always got them first:

Me walking Koda
Me with Koda at the playground near our house now

This was last Summer. My brother and I were wading and trying to catch some fish with no success: (we had already moved)


Sliding down the slope on a cardboard box:


The sunset view from our house if I climb up on the roof (I took this one from my Mom’s phone)
Another sunset
Me taking a photo with my camera and making the weird face I always make when I take photos
Me up a tree when we visited our old house a few weeks ago. This is the same time as when we went rafting. I’m wearing my Dad’s jacket because it was so cold.

My brother. He’s wearing my Dad’s other jacket:


And that’s the end of the photos! Thanks for reading. 🙂

Also, I’m so caught up with all my posts. I’m doing a guest post interview with Starling and I also need to post the Q&A. I’ll post it later today if you don’t mind two posts in one day. 🙂

Smile and God bless!

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What I Did In English + Photos

Ok so my Mom and I are doing a book called ‘Writing From The Inner Self’. Personally, it annoys me. Before I start writing, I have to sit still with my back away from the back of my chair, my feet on the floor and I have to concentrate. That’s the annoying part. And then when I get into writing it’s good. 😉 I think I just don’t want to admit it’s helping me concentrate. Don’t tell my Mom that! 😛

My Mom likes everything I write. (I love my Mom! She puts up with me!) Even when I write my rantings about how much I dislike the book. (Actually now I like it a little) So I asked her to give me tips on how to write something she won’t like. And then I asked her if she wouldn’t like it if I wrote a story with lovable characters and she would fall in love with the characters and then I’d kill them all. She sat there for a moment and then said she wouldn’t like that. Now I know! 😉

The exercise for today was to imagine a beautiful place in nature and to notice the things around you and the time of day and season. Then imagine sitting down and noticing where you chose to sit and then imagine an action happening and after the action you stand up and walk back the way you came and notice what you can hear and see and see if anything is different from when the action occurred. And we’re also not supposed to edit anything or stop writing. I think I did a couple times though. 😛 The following is what I wrote: (Sentences with *’s I edited just now)

I trudge up the hill slowly, my bare feet digging into the soft green grass. I take time to notice my surroundings; a bunny hopes past me. The wind blows gently, making the daisies around me sway. I spin around and run all the way up the hill, the grass a carpet at my feet. I look around and sit down once I reach the top. The sun is shining and a couple clouds dot the sky. A pond is to my right, *ducks paddling their webbed feet through the babbling water.* Birds *sing songs*in the heavens and butterflies flit around me. *One lands on my finger. I laugh.*

Suddenly, I hear an old vintage car rattle across the old dirt road behind me. I sigh and lie down. After a few moments, I stand up. A bunny is just peeking out of a burrow, wondering if the old noisy thing has passed. I walk back down the hill. The birds are gone now frightened by the car. But soon they fly into view again. And the butterflies are once again lazing on a dandelion or flitting around the meadows. I continue to walk down the hill and the bunnies are still coming our of their holes after the car has passed.

The action: The old vintage car rattling across the road

What changed after the action: When I walked up the hill and sat down the bunnies and birds and butterflies were already out. When I walked back down the hill, the animals were just coming back out because of the noise of the car.

Also, here are a few photos:

A couple weeks ago we went to the funeral service of an old friend near the place we used to live. Afterwards, we visited our old place and my Mom took a couple pictures of my brother and I rafting on our dam. Wow, I miss that place!

We also used to catch yabbies here… All the ones we caught died though. 😦
We had a rope connecting the raft to a tree just in case we couldn’t row back… My brother was using a pitchfork to row!
2017-07-26 18.43.17.jpg
My two older brothers and my Dad built this raft years ago. It’s sort of falling apart. It still holds us though if we stand on the middle boards that are popping up. Also, my brother has a hat and mustache because I wanted to cover his handsome face.

I hope you enjoyed that piece of writing and photos! 🙂 See you later.

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The Two Towers {Sneak peek}

*looks at featured image* Well, it’s not exactly the kind of tower I imagined, but, ok. 😛 (psst, the featured image is from Canva!)

Chapter One – The Runaway

A pecking sound rapped against the marbled grounds. The sparrows little beaks pecked at the seeds thrown to them. Dukes, counts, maids, and other people of the royal and peasant family bustled around the palace grounds, preparing for the Festival of Songs. They had not rested since the first light of sun slid above the mountains behind the kingdom. Every year, the King would hold a festival in honour of the great musicians and wonderful songs of their kingdom. Everyone was invited, rich and poor alike. On that day, not one person would be found outside the palace walls.

It was now afternoon and the festival would begin in exactly; I glanced at my watch. “15 minutes.” I shifted further up the railings, my book placed on my lap. The leafy tree loomed above me, shading me from the heat of the sun. Thankfully though, it wasn’t one of those humid sun-scorching days like it was the week before, and it was the prefect day for a festival.

The Princess was supposed to make a speech for the Festival, but I just had to finish this story of Rapunzel. I clung with one arm to the railing post beside me, while with my other hand turned the page of the book. I slapped down the pages, creasing down a dog-eared corner.

I looked up for a few seconds at the Palace gates, still standing wide open, giving a warm welcome to everyone, calling them to join the festival.

Ever since Matthew was kidnapped, I hadn’t set foot outside those gates, and was limited to the little freedom I had before that day.

I heaved a sigh, pulling back the tears.

I looked down again, hoping to drain out the bad memories and enjoy the moment. My ponytail swayed softly in the warm Summer breeze, loose strands of dark hair brushing across my forehead.

Princess! What am I going to do with you?”

I snapped my book shut and sat up straight, almost toppling into the bushes behind me.

Gaining my balance, I looked up to see Edina, unfortunately, the governess assigned to look after me every minute of the day. I had managed to slip away for a few hours, away from the nagging governess.

Yes, Edina?” I gave a slight groan under my breath.

Edina held her hand up, extending her pinky in what she called a ‘posse’; just because it sounded good. I wondered if she even knew what ‘posse’ meant. “Have you prepared your speech for the festival? I hope so, Your Highness. Remember what happened last year?”

I smirked, reminiscing the last Festival of Songs disaster.

Tsk, tsk, tsk tsk….” I mimicked under my breath. I didn’t bother to answer the last question.

Edina frowned. “Princess Reese, your mother does not approve you, in public,” this she said with a hint of disgust and self-consciousness, as she looked around to see if anyone was listening. “wearing nothing on your head but a ponytail!” she wore a disgusted look on her face. “A ponytail indeed!” It sounded as if she was saying my hair was a wig or something. My eyes danced. I was enjoying this, having completely forgot about my sadness.

It’s improper; especially for a Princess.” Edina held her head high, but her eyes looked me over from top to bottom.

It’s comfortable, Edina.” I reasoned. I hopped of the fence, standing on the opposite side from where Edina stood, opening my book again to where I left off and leaning my elbows on the fence.

It’s informal. Un-ladylike.”

It’s quite fitting to me; now if you’ll excuse me.” I snapped.

It’s-” the Governess began.


A loud cheering arose.

It’s starting, it’s starting! Places, places, Princess!” Edina flapped a hand in front of her face. She pulled out my ponytail and smoothed down my satin dress.

Governess,” I began. I wanted to tell her I decided not to do my speech this year. I didn’t care what she would say.

Edina ran off, forgetting about me.

I looked at all the people, rejoicing and happy.

How would they be so happy? Wasn’t their Prince gone? Had they already given up? Every year on my brother’s birthday, we would let of glowing lanterns into the night sky… just like Rapunzel’s parents did in the fairytale. But that was all we ever did. I knew deep inside we had all tried our hardest; but we needed more than that to find Matthew.

Everyday I longed to step out of the palace gates, but my father’s repeated answer, was ‘no’. I knew it was for my own good. But I just had to find Matthew and bring him back. He was my best friend.

The Festival lasted till midnight, at the dim glow of candlelight. Everyone trooped home; it had been a big day for them all.

I turned the lamp low in my room and brought my hand down, the tips of my fingers brushing against a paper on the desk. I sighed. Letting the low fire in the lamp burn bright again, I dipped my quill into the pot of ink, bringing it to the paper. All I had so far was, Dearest Father and Mother,. And that was all. I couldn’t bring myself to tell them. Somehow writing, Dearest Father and Mother, I’ve decided to leave you and go find Matthew because we all didn’t try hard enough, just didn’t sound right even if that’s how I felt. I crumpled up the paper and dropped it into the drawer, trying to brush the thought away. Again, I dimmed the lamp and lay down.

Summer soon passed, and the leaves turned their bright yellow, orange and red.

Then the chilly winter arrived, and I still hadn’t written the letter, and I still hadn’t left home.

But one day, in the chilly mid Winter season, I entered my room, opened the drawer of my table and saw the crumpled up, unfinished letter. Eyeing for a few long seconds, I finally sat down on the bed and dipped my quill in the bot of ink on the corner of my table. And then I began to write.

Dearest Mother and Father,

I love you both very much. But ever since Matthew was kidnapped, things aren’t the same. I’m not the same. You both aren’t the same. I know we all tried our hardest to find him, but I didn’t. And I know I can. So I’m going to find Matthew. Please don’t try to come and take me back because I won’t come back until Matthew is home. I will be alright. I’ll be back soon. I will think of you everyday. I love you both.

Your loving daughter,

Reese Abigail Amilda

I sighed, folded the paper and signed it, Mother and Father.

I dimmed the light to its lowest and lay down, but I didn’t dare fall asleep. I felt around under the silk covers for my sack of clothes. My hand met the scratchy material of the potato sack I had converted into a knapsack, and I breathed a sigh of relief.

Minutes past. I lay in the darkness, staring at the ceiling. I heard father’s deep snore, and mother’s quiet one. I waited for awhile and then slipped out from under the covers.

I left a note on my pillow for mother and father and crept of. Pulling my nap sack along, I tiptoed across the cool diamond floor. A gentle breeze wafted through the open window. I reached it and gazed out into the night, a few stars twinkling, and more than half a moon appeared on my right.

The light from the watchtower scanned the palace grounds, and I quickly ducked below the sil. The light slowly disappeared, and pulling of my shoes, I leaned out the window as far as I could and dropped them onto the grass. I heard a low thump, and tensed.

I closed my eyes. “I have to find Matthew.” I whispered. I pushed the window doors further out. A thick vine crawled down the wall, just touching the grass below. I lifted myself onto the window sill. My foot wiggled into a tight loop in the vine. With my nap sack over my shoulder, I pushed shut the window.

My heart nagged me to go back inside, but my head told me the opposite. I paused. Should I keep on going? Thoughts whirled in my head. Should I just tell father and mother? No. They wouldn’t let me go. I had left them a note anyway. My heart beat.

I’d do it. I climbed down farther and reached the wet grass. Small flecks of snow lay on the tips of the grass.

I’d done it. I pulled on my shoes and ran across the grass, trying to keep from the marbled floors so my shoes wouldn’t be heard. I kept to the shadows. A voice nagged in my head. How are you going to get out?

Ta da! How’d you like it? It’s not the best, but I’m pretty happy with it. Got any tips for me?

These are the chapters I have so far:

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After that, I’m completely lost. :/

Smile and God bless!

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