Our Christmas Tree, Our Christmas Tree! How Lovely Are Its’ Branches!

Why Our Christmas Tree Is Uglier Than Yours:

  • It literally has ten baubles on it (why? I don’t know)
  • Half the tree doesn’t have lights (why? Because we needed them for outside)
  • We took the candy canes of the tree (why? Because my nephews kept eating them)

My lame excuses:

  • This is my second time decorating our own Christmas tree
  • I have problems with putting baubles close to each other because I’m such a perfectionist and they can’t be close to each other because IT MAKES IT LOOK CLUTTERED (a.k.a we don’t have any more baubles. Last year we did… but now… *sigh* the others just mysteriously disappeared…)

Why I still like our tree:

  • Because it has green leaves
  • Because we have a star on the top
  • Because there are presents under the tree and I can’t wait to see my nephews’ and nieces’ faces when they open them
  • Because now people can see the lights out front
  • Because we actually have baubles on the tree
  • Because it’s tall
  • Because it’s a christmas tree
  • Because this is the second time we’ve had a Christmas tree
  • Because we have a christmas tree

Last of all, I’m sorry for such a scrappy post (actually I’m not sorry). I needed to write something and this came up from the top of my mind… So I hope you enjoyed it!

**UPDATE** I can’t believe I published this post WHAT AM I DOING