Hidden In Harmony: Danger is Imminent {JR Thompson}

Hi everyone, I’ve decided to change my review format. The other wasn’t workin’ for me.

Title: Hidden In Harmony

Series (if applicable): Harmony Series

Era (if applicable): 21st Century

Author: JR Thompson

Genre/s: Christian fiction, mystery


I would say the content rating is about 3. There is human trafficking, a little romance which is not a big part of the book, just kissing on the cheek and hugging between husband and wife, character cheating on wife, cannibalism, death.

Age-range: For older teenagers, about 14+

Overall rating: 3.5 stars

Source: I received an e-copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.

HE NEEDED HELP. The Russell family came home one evening to find an uninvited visitor sleeping on their porch. Brock appeared to be quite harmless.

SO THEY TOOK HIM IN. Knowing the Bible says they are to feed the hungry and clothe the naked, the Russells take Brock into their own home and quickly befriend him, only to find out he has formerly been accused of a horrifying act.

AND TRIED TO BE LOYAL. The Russells do not believe in allowing rumors to tell them who to befriend or who to turn away. They decide to do some detective work and find out about a decade worth of unexplained disappearances in the town Brock was originally from.

BUT IT COST THEM BIG TIME! Threats, violence, death, and kidnappings haunt the Russells as someone desperately attempts to stop their investigative efforts.



My review:

When I started reading this book, I was thinking, ‘boy, I’m not gonna like this’. But as I read on… I thought it was pretty good.

At the beginning, the dialogue was a little unrealistic, and it took me a while to actually like the characters.

And what is up with Remington? He is supposed to be 13 years old, but instead, he acts like a 5 year old, and supposedly knows a lot about the bible. He is the worst character I’ve ever seen. He didn’t know how people sometimes become homeless and his Dad had a hard time explaining it to him because Remmy was acting plain like a 5 year old. And when he fell over? What? It says, “he didn’t cry. Didn’t even say ‘ouch’.” What, is he supposed to?

Alayna, at the beginning, I didn’t like at all, but then I read on, she was an okay typical mother. Nikki certainly brought some life to the characters. I did like her, most of the time.

I liked Brock, he was probably my favorite character, but I didn’t like how he brought Nikki on a first date when he was still married. I actually had no idea he was still married. I thought he was divorced, and his wife had left him after he was accused of wrong doings. Is that just me, or did the author fail to mention this? Apparently he was still married. Cheating on your wife is horrible.

I appreciated how much Collin turned to God for help, but sometimes it was just too much. I especially didn’t like how he made some poor decisions when trying to get his son back, such as betraying the lives of 13 boys into human trafficking. What’s up with that? I think he certainly could have come up with something else. In the end, what happened to those boys??

But, on the good side, I did warm up to some of these characters (not naming anyone *coughs* Remmy), and the plot was absolutely wonderful. The ending was put together nicely.

I did accuse the wrong characters of being the villian, including Victoria and Nikki, (HAHA). Soooo, terrific plot and great mystery. 😉

The writing, well, I don’t usually pay attention to writing unless it’s terrific, or if it’s absolutely terrible. Well, the writing in this book was pretty good. This is a book worth reading…you’ll enjoy the mystery.