My 40 Hour Famine Page

Hi everyone!

I just realized I will be needing my laptop to access the 40HF challenges. I still won’t be posting, but I’m sharing this link with you so you can see what the cause is and maybe donate. Every little bit counts!

You can see more about the cause HERE and HERE.

I would also like to help children and families who are suffering from poverty; lack of warmth, food, and clean water. I think I will have to do a different project for that, but I’m not sure.

Again, if you have any fundraising tips, please tell me. Thanks! 🙂

God bless!


40 Hour Backpack Challenge, Here I Come!

Hi everyone!

I am doing the 40 hour backpack challenge this year, which basically means I’ll be living out of a backpack for 40 hours. My backpack right now, is humongous on my back. I mean I’m wearing it right now and my shoulders are breaking 😛 

To all seriousness, the purpose of this challenge is to see what it’s like to live a refugee child who has to leave their families and homes with only the necessities packed in their backpacks. And at the same time, raising some money.

For now, I haven’t raised any money yet, but I’m doing some jobs around the house to get some money. Tonight for my Youth Group, we’ll be having a special screening of Shrek, with some drinks and popcorn available for purchase. I’m hoping to be able to raise at least $50.

Do you have any ideas on how I can raise money to help these children? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Here is my backpack list:

Food {Bread, fruit, nuts}


A change of clothes

A blanket

A book

A notebook and pen

My Bible

{other necessities}

I might have to take out a few stuff because how big can my backpack get? but obviously it won’t be the book . Or the notebook or the pen.

So I won’t be posting for the next 40 hours, but until then, I will try and stop stalling to get my end of the month post done. And my Define That Word polls. And some awards.

Again, if you have any ideas on how to raise money for this cause, please please please let me know in the comments. The challenge starts in 10 hours!

God bless you!

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Are you doing the backpack challenge? Wish me luck!

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