CATEGORY 2 – Fruit

I don’t know why there are blue lines around the leaves. It may be from the lighting; I don’t know. I didn’t notice them until now.

Before I took the picture, I was waiting for my Dad to come home with a watermelon in the grocery bags, but he couldn’t get one so I settled with this picture. 😉 The morning I took this I was feeling a little sad because I missed our old land, so I decided to take some pictures and look at my world in a different view. This is the mandarine tree hanging over our neighbors’ fence.

CATEGORY 2 – Circles


I had a lot of photos that were circles, such as the monkey bars and the bolts on the wobbly bridge. I decided to take a picture of the water spurting out of the drinking fountain. When I took the picture, it turned out they looked like circles! It took me a while to get an OK photo of it though. I thought this was a little more unique than the monkey bars, so… 🙂

Megan said we can post extra photos to make up for the two people in our team who didn’t enter a photo, so here are two extra photos:


The lighting was pretty awful. I was making a person on the metal of our couch, and I thought, “Ooh! It’s circles!” So I decided to add it in as an extra photo. It’s not very good, but it’s something. 😉


Monkey bar circles! 🙂

Category 3 – Books

Untitled design

This picture was edited using Canva. I changed the contrast and the brightness, but I didn’t use the advanced options.

Also, guys, ignore the other picture I used in my other BIBPC post, I’ve changed the pic. 😉

Story: The category was books, and we have a LOT of old books in out house so I got one and stuck it in the branches of our ornamental (ornamental, which is very sad) pear tree. We also have some creamy colored flowers near our mailbox so I plucked a bunch and put it in the book.

Category 4 – Celebration (Happy birthday (again), Megan!)


Story: My sweet adorable niece came over for Father’s Day for a couple days, and she was playing with these sunglasses. She looked ADORABLE in them, but I didn’t get a picture. :/ She was throwing her arms in the air and shouting, “Yay!” but then she stopped and so I started singing, “If you’re happy and you know it shout ‘hurray’! HURRAY!” and then she would shout, “YAY!” and fling her arms in the air… She is so adorable… x 💗

Extra photo:


Sorry for the blurriness. Hopefully her cuteness will suffice… hehe. 😉

More pictures coming soon!