Young Writer’s Workshop

Hello everyone!

Good evening/night! πŸ™‚

Some of you may have heard of The Young Writer’s Workshop, a place where young writer’s can grow, and be motivated to write. I am considering signing up for the workshop, but I wanted to ask any of you – who have been part of the experience – how you found it. Did it improve your skills? Did you start your blog or finish a book because of it? I’d like to know so it’ll help me with my decision.

Thank you all so much for your help!

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31 thoughts on “Young Writer’s Workshop

  1. Hi, Zielle! I have been a member of YWW for a year now, and it has helped me improve so much! Encouragement, instruction, confidence. Christian atmosphere (of course, not everyone is a Christian), safe environment! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this place and would totally recommend it to any young writer! Have you watched the Young Writer Revolution videos? If not, definitely check them out here! πŸ˜€

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  2. I’m on there, Zielle, and I ADORE it! It’s an incredible resource full of incredible instructors, talented writers, amazing lessons, lots of accountability, and a place where you can find out anything about writing, blogging, and just being an author!

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  3. Hi, Zielle! I just recently joined YWW a few days ago, and already I am improving so much! Brett and Jaquelle, the founders, are so nice and reply to all my questions, and my Witerscore has shot up to a 63! You should join!

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  4. That is awesome, Zielle! Thanks for sharing! I have not been a part of it, but I do know you can get just about anything from a writing class, (grammar help, sentence help, style help, etc), it just depends on the class! Gooooood luck!

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