Childhood Memories {Journal Entry #1}

All photos belong to me (well my Dad, because he took them). Please do not steal them.

Btw, new Journal Entry series. πŸ™‚

Dear Diary,

When my little brother and I were little (I mean younger than we already are), we used to play a lot of games together; usually dress ups, restaurant or “mommy and daddy”.

The Prince & the Princess. One of our dress ups. I’m wearing a towel and a basket on my head because I had just read The Jungle Book, and if you’ve read it you’ll know that at the end the little girl is carrying a vase on her head and a basket is the closest I could get to it.
Iron-boy. See the white spot on his chest and hands?

We had a porch out the front of the house, and we would get sticks from our property (they were everywhere) and tie strings to them. We’d bend wire into hooks, tie them onto the ends of the strings, and get donut pieces to feed onto the hooks. We’d throw the lines over the porch railings and use them as fishing rods, pretending to catch fish as our meal of the day.

Another one of our dress ups. That’s the face I make when my little brother tickles me.

Other times we would play restaurant and invite our Mom to come, and knowing that she loved her salad, we would pick leaves from various trees on our land and mix them into a bowl. The dressing would be flour mixed with water, and we were still eager to tell our Mom what the dressing was made of even though we were pretending it was real dressing. Somehow I doubt a customer would find that to their liking. We had bottle-brush trees and these other trees that I never knew (and still don’t know) what they were called. The branches had little pepper like balls on them which we would pick of the tree and sprinkle them over the salad to use as pepper.

Our restaurant set up.

Another favorite of ours was soup; if we wanted creamy soup, in the flour would go. Sometimes we would ask Mom for a few jars of condiments to spice up the soup. We would fill our soup pot with hot water and dump in the spices.


Our Dad liked to build things, and his work bench in the garage was usually covered in sawdust. We’d take our little pie pans and fill them with sawdust to look like the crumble for the top of the pie. Beside the garage we had bushes with flowers on them that looked like berries, so we would pick them and sprinkle the “berries” over the top of the pie. Then we’d stick them in the little wooden oven my Dad made for me. We didn’t do that a lot, but when we did it certainly was fun.

If you’re wondering why my lil’ bro looks so sad it’s probably because I always got to be the cook; the waitress. Poor kid… I feel so bad πŸ˜›

One thing we liked to do a lot was play restaurant on our porch. Sometimes the food was real, something we cooked ourselves, or leftovers from the previous dinner. Other times we made food from twigs, dirt, and leaves.

A cardboard aluminum ‘food warmer’ for our restaurant. The lid at the top is the temperature knob (or whatever you call it).
Mom’s delicious rice paper rolls and my waitress costume.
Wasn’t my brother cute? ❀

We played card games…

Five Crowns. Sorting out our cards. I’m guessing Dad took this photo to show both of us that neither of us were peeking… I think I was living in the Winter, and my brother was living in the Summer… How different our outfits are!

We drew…

I was a better drawer then, than I am now. My bro is such a good drawer!

And just had a lot of fun together.

I love this picture!

Well, I’d better sign off for now.


Hey lovelies! Thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed my reminiscences. πŸ™‚

Happy writing!

P.S Upcoming will be a post of my brother’s drawings!!

31 thoughts on “Childhood Memories {Journal Entry #1}

  1. Oh gosh that is soooooooooo cute. Your childhood looks fun.
    The thing I always remember doing with my brothers is playing dollhouse. And this sounds strange until you realize that the things we played usually revolved around the dollhouse dads. (We played with them like action figures XD) So yeah, they were family men during the day, but at night….yeah. Good times. XD

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  2. Oh, how cute you guys are! I remember the good old days when I used to play kitchen or resturant! Haha, the salad making, oh my goodness, I sometimes do that now when I’m bored… XD #I’mAFiveYearOld

    Liked by 1 person

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