2 Fun Ways to do Poetry

Hey guys!

Today I’m going to be sharing 3 fun ways to play around with poetry. The first one I did for school a couple weeks ago, and it was so fun!


A Little Princess

Golden summer trimmed with flowers

their colours glorious


The picnic set

like a Queen’s table

barely one piece of cake

was a dream

Robin And His Merry Adventures

Through villages beyond

Noontide had come.

Peaceful quietness will rest here.

So came mellow sunlight,

And where the grass was soft

Against the clear blue sky

So riding over the hill,

He was.

My brother’s one:

Robin And His Merry Adventures

But I
shed no blood
only that of
Truly there is no danger
with a hundred golden pounds
As to their doings,
for several miles
drink half a hundred pounds
of merry blue eyes

WHUT. I wonder what goes on in my brother’s head sometimes. XD

So basically what we did is printed some pages out of some books (peoples don’t write on books; you will regret it…). Some people actually scribble all over the words that they’re not using, but to save time and ink, I just circled the words I was using. It looks a lot cooler if you black everything but the words you’re using out, though.


I haven’t done this one yet, and I’m pretty sure I made it up, but it would be fun to do this one. Get a book, close your eyes, open to a random page and point to a random word. Do this about 10 times (depending on how many words you want in your poem), and each time write down the word on a separate paper. Cut out the words and arrange them to make a poem! You could do this with a magazine or anything, really!

I really love the first one! It was so fun! Let me know if you it; I’d love to see them! πŸ˜€



~ Smile! God loves you. ~


AAWC Finale Deadline Extended

Hey everyone!

I’m so sorry the deadline is going to be extended again, because one of the contestants will be away and won’t be able to get lots of bonus things for you! So the new deadline is midnight 28th CT.




I know this is two posts in one day, but *screams* I have 200 followers! πŸ˜€

Thank you sooooo much everyone!! Thank you so much for your support!

And I was just doing AAWC to celebrate 100 follower! πŸ˜€

Thank you so much again, everyone! ❀



AAWC Results + Challenge 6 Finale **UPDATED**

**UPDATE** Hey guys! Sorry for not being clear. For the challenge to use the letter X 3 times in a sentence, the X must be the starting letter of the words. Just to be clear! πŸ™‚ **UPDATE**

*announcer voice* Welcome, ladies and gentlemen to the Ardent Author’s Writing Challenge Finale! Yes, it’s the last challenge; the challenge that decides who will win. Let’s see the contestants, shall we?

In one corner; we have… the towering, majestic, woody… Team Forest! In another corner, the fury, the heat, it’s Team Summer! And one more, folks. The grass, the hills, the dandelions, give it up for Team Meadows!

*gives up announcer voice* AHEM. Sorry about that.

If your name is bold, that means I got an entry from you. If you submitted photography or artwork, you’ll have an * next to your name. If you received bonus points for your team for whatever reason, your name will be in italics.

Team Forest








Awesome work guys!! Thank you to the three of you who submitted!

You used to have (#) points: 152 (I’m adding this one because I get confused easily πŸ˜› Bear with me)

Points earned from last round: 37

Total points: 219

*UPDATED* Team Forest didn’t actually lose a member, so they won’t be getting 5 extra points anymore. I’m so sorry!





Catharine Runion

Chloe (Crystal)


Abby Franklin

C’mon guys, you can do this!! You’re doing an amazing job, Enni, will all the bonus things! Thank you so much!

You used to have (#) points: 177

Points from last round: 32

Total points: 209








Wow guys! Huge comeback here; great job to all of you!

I’m giving Team Meadows extra points because one of their members dropped out a while ago but I forgot to give them points to replace her!

You used to have (#) points: 150

Points earned from last round: 139

Total points: 289

Team Summer is currently in last place, Team Forest in second, and Team Meadows is in first! :O C’mon guys! You can do it!

Since this is the last challenge, I’m going to give you guys more chance to earn more points for your team. There will be more prompts, and then at the end there will be a short list of challenges you can do to earn lots of points for your team.

Prompts for Challenge 6

Picture prompts:

Writing and dialogue prompts:

“I don’t want you to find me yet.”

“It’s your choice,” she shrugged.

“You can continue on with your miserable life, or you can become someone who can make a difference.”

The city kids had hair every shade of the rainbow.

In the garden grew the most beautiful flowers; and they were all poisonous.

The window stood open and all I had to do was jump.

I don’t know why I fell in love with her. All I know is that I never should have let her go.

I heard a scream. Then another. It seemed as if they were getting closer.

“Do you know what you’re doing?”

“I don’t know. I’ve never kidnapped someone under water before.”

“Are you going to kill me?”

“If you reach for that, definitely. If you stay still like a good boy, I might.”

“Please don’t leave me.”

“Come with me!”

And here are various challenges you can do:

Take a picture with a bird in it. (5 points, up to 15 points)

Draw a picture that illustrates one word in your story starting with a Z. (5 points, up to 15 points)

Write a 15 word sentence including 4 verbs, 2 nouns and 2 adjectives. It has to fit into your story. (7 points, up to 14 points)

Write a sentence in your story using 3 words starting with ‘x’. (5 points, up to 15 points)

|Getting points|

  • Write your story based of these prompts. You can use one or two, all of them, but you must use at least one.
  • You can take photos or draw pictures to illustrate your story. You will get 2 points per photo and illustration.
  • Creativity. This is how creatively you use the prompts.
  • If you use the name of your team in your story, you can earn 1 point for your team. (e.g forest; the forest was dark and gloomy)
  • You’ll get 1 point for each prompt you use, and 1 point for submitting your story/poem.

Example: Submitting a story and using all three prompts is 4 points, taking/drawing 3 photos and using your team name in your story is 7, so 4+ 7 = 11 points altogether.

Deadline: midnight, 26th of February 2018 (Central Time/CT)

Leave a link down below to your entry and it would be helpful if you put the number of points If I missed your entry for this round and you submitted it within the deadline (26th at midnight), let me know and I’ll tally up your points. But If you don’t feel like tallying up your points, just put what you used at the beginning ofΒ  your post and I’ll do it for you. πŸ˜‰

If I missed your entry, let me know!

Good luck and have fun!

You may show your blog button on your blog sidebar if you’d like. πŸ™‚


Deadline Reminder for AAWC + Thank You

Hey guys, a quick reminder that the deadline for challenge 5 is in 2 days, CT.

Please please please take advantage of the extra time, and use it help your team. You’ve been given so much extra time, so I’m looking forward to seeing your pieces. Your teammates will appreciate it more than you can imagine!

Also, happy Valentines Day! I am so sorry I didn’t do anything special for it! But I just want to thank each and every one of you amazing people out there for sticking by me, reading my blog, commenting your beautiful, encouraging comments, and I have met so many wonderful people through blogging, including:

Enni – You are the sweetest! Your comments always bring a smile to my face, and you always know what to say. It’s so fun chatting with you, and your blog is always a joy to read! You are also an amazing writer, and I am SO glad to have met you!

Madi – You are so funny and a great friend! Your blog posts are so inspirational and always awesome to read. I’m dying to read your new book series. πŸ˜‰ You are a great writer, and we share the same birthday! πŸ˜‰

Kellyn – Your posts are always so funny to read! You’re full of awesome and I admire you for your publication of so many books! ❀

Lizzy – I love reading your posts, and you are so sweet! I haven’t known you for long, but you are a great friend, and I am so happy to have discovered you and your blog!

Starling – You’re an awesome blogging friend. ❀ It’s always fun chatting with you. πŸ˜‰

K.A – K.A, you are full of amazingness! I’ve known you for a long time, and your writing is amazing, and you leave the bestest comments ever! You are such a great friend.

If your name isn’t up there, just know that I haven’t forgotten about you. You guys are so special to me. It would be so amazing to meet you all IRL! ❀

All of you have inspired me in more ways than one. Thank you!!!!

Happy Valentines Day!

~ Zielle

This is who God is to me…

When I don’t have the courage to make it through,

He’ll be there beside me.

Even though I can’t see Him

He’s always there

Ready and willing to take my hand,

And lead me through the unknown.

If only I would take it.

He has given me a great gift.

The greatest gift.

I only have to accept it.

He’ll be my rock and my fortress,

In whom I will find refuge.

When I fall He will pick me up,

Give me the courage to keep going

Run the race He has set for me.

He can help me across the waters

Through the storm inside

There is no problem too big for Him.

I can cast all my cares upon Him

He cares for me

He has a perfect plan for my life

Even though to me, all seems lost

Even though my life is a mess

And I think, “Why am I here?”

God knows. He has a plan for me

To make me the best I can be

I will love Him forever

My Creator, my Redeemer, the One who loves me despite who I am

He will light up my path

And I will follow