AAWC {How It Will Work} because I didn’t explain very well

**UPDATE: The deadline for signups is December 20, so you have plenty of time.**

So as you know I hit 100 followers about a month ago. *cue the screaming* And for celebration, I started a…

Writing challenge! YAYAYAYAYAY!

As you could probably see by all the comments, a lot of people have been requesting to be on Team Meadows. So this is going to be a first come first serve basis, so please don’t be too disappointed if you don’t get your first choice for a team. I will do my best. 🙂

Also, please SPREAD THE WORD about this! I’d like to get as many contestants as I can. If you could, that would be awesome!

|How long will the challenge last?|

It will last for six weeks (six challenges, six submissions), so the month of January and two of February. Each round of the challenge will last around 4 days to a week, so that’s about how long you’ll have to write your story.

|How do I get points for my team?|

  • You can take photos or draw pictures to illustrate your story. You will get 2 points per photo.
  • Creativity. This is how creatively you use the prompts. At the end of each round I’ll select my favorite story and that person will earn more points for their team.
  • If you use the name of you team in your story, you can earn a point for your team. (e.g forest; the forest was dark and gloomy)

|Anything else?|

Each round, I will give new writing challenges.

Thanks for reading!

~ Zielle


Introducing, The Ardent Author’s Writing Challenge! {AAWC} – Coming January 2018


The teams are finally here! 😀 And also, if January next year doesn’t work for you guys, please let me know when it would suit you. 🙂

So I didn’t only want to do writing in my challenge, but I feel like photography is copying, so I’ll just have to be creative with my writing prompts/themes.

| How to get points |

  • Story/poem 2 points
  • Creativity (+3 points)
  • If you use your team name (e.g eagle, +2 points)
  • If you take photos or draw to illustrate your story (yes I couldn’t help myself I’m sorry) (+2 points per photo)

And finally, the teams! I hope you like them! 🙂


Team Forest



Pretty  plain, but I’m happy with them. ❤

So please comment down below if you would like to enter, your name, the blog which you will be posting on, and the team you would like to be on as well as a second choice.

If you don’t have a blog but you would like to participate, send me your entries through this link:


It’s private, so send a request and I’ll let you in. Just put your story in the comment section of the first post.

If you have any helpful ideas, I would love to know them!

~ Zielle

Is Rock Music ‘Of The Devil’? {Discussion Post #1}

Yup, that’s the topic for today. Is rock music bad?

Is it “of the devil”, as I’ve heard some people say? I heard a message a week ago about how we christians try to justify the bad things we do by mixing something righteous into it to make is seem fine to God. I agreed with that part. We read from Exodus when Aaron makes the golden calf for the Israelites:


  • Exodus 32:5 (NIV)

    When Aaron saw this, he built an altar in front of the calf and announced, “Tomorrow there will be a festival to the Lord.”


But then the message went on a little bit to say that rock music is bad. That even if we put christian words into rock music (drums and electric guitars) it still doesn’t please God. We’re not really worshiping if we worship like this.

Obviously rock music with bad words is bad, but that’s off topic.

My church plays drums and electric guitars when we sing, but I know for a fact that we are truly worshiping God.

At Youth last Friday we had a message about ‘the goodness in worship’ (we’re doing the fruits of the spirit). It was about how when we worship, it’s not about feeling good about how well you’re singing; it’s not about you. It’s about worshiping and praising the God who loves us and who made us. ‘Less of us and more of You.’ That’s what I think true worship is about. I don’t really care what kind of instrument we use while worshiping God.

I’m not bashing the churches that don’t have drums or electric guitars in their singing, all I’m saying is that we each have a different view of worship in music. And I just wanted to hear your opinion on this as well. 🙂

These verses from Psalm 150 came to mind:

3 Praise him with the sounding of the trumpet,
praise him with the harp and lyre,
4 praise him with timbrel and dancing,
praise him with the strings and pipe,
5 praise him with the clash of cymbals,
praise him with resounding cymbals.
6 Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.
Praise the Lord.
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So what do you think? | Feel free to disagree with me!
~ Zielle

CPC // {Finale} Challenge Six

WOW. I can’t believe this challenge will soon be over! A HUGE thank you to Carol, who hosted this amazing challenge. 🙂 I loved all the prompts and the fact that you can take pictures to illustrate your story as well! Good luck to all the teams!

Story: 1

Prompts: 3




“I never stood a chance, did I?”

“That’s the sad part – you did, once.”


I’m not sure why I fell in love with her.

Photography/Art: 20

Total: 24

“I never stood a chance, did I?”

“That’s the sad part. Because once, you did.”

I’m not sure why I fell in love with her. Maybe because she was beautiful. Maybe because her hair was as golden as the purest honey. Or maybe it was because of her angelic voice. I don’t think it was any of those.

The day I met her I was at the beach. I never liked the beach. But that day I was, for some reason there at the beach, just standing with my toes digging into the sand, the wind blowing in my face and the waves leaping up in front of me.


And then I saw her. She had her hands on a rustic trolley that looked like it had been run over by twenty trucks and then put back together piece by piece. Her trolley was filled with shells. All kinds of shells; and the trolley was filled all the way to the top.


I approached her. I started talking. She seemed shy at first, but then she opened up. I spent some time with her, and we started hanging out for while. She was different from everybody else I had ever met. She always found the good in everything. Then I realized that I fell in love with her. Every minute I spent with her, it seemed that her voice because sweeter. Her hair more golden than honey.


Her eyes bluer than the sea. Her smile warming my heart more than ever.


One day she introduced me to her Dad. He didn’t like me. He looked me in the eye and told me that his daughter deserved better. And he was right. She did.

After that I didn’t hear from her for a long time. Until one day I found out that she was married.

Then I remembered how much we were in love. The sunsets we spent together. Our first kiss. The song we wrote together.

The day we met.

“I never stood a chance. I never should have thought I could be with her.”

“Did you love her?”

“Of course I did.”

“Did she love you?”


“Then you should have gone after her.”

“You don’t understand. Her Dad didn’t like me.”

“If you really loved her you would’ve gone after her. Like I said before; you had a chance once.”

I’m still not sure why I fell in love with her. But I did. We could have had a life together; but I didn’t take the one chance that I had.

There you go! My last story for this challenge. This story was kinda sad… :/ And I don’t usually write stories like this, so I hope you liked it!

~ Zielle

CPC {Challenge Five}

Story: 1

Prompts: 2


Related image




“Why is your pumpkin still here?”

“What are you talking about? I threw it out a long time ago.”


Photography/artwork: none (I’m SO sorry, Carol!!! :/)

Total: 3



“Why is your pumpkin still here?”

“What are you talking about? I threw it out a long time ago.”

“Well it’s still here.”

I get up from my seat on the porch. There it is. Right where I had put it about a month ago. I sigh. “I thought I threw that out.” I pick it up by the stem but it falls and about half of it breaks of and splatters the porch steps with orange black pieces of mushy pumpkin.

“Help me, will you?” I gallop down the rest of the steps and get down on my knees. Ivy, my best friend, gets on her knees beside me and we pick up the pieces.

“Ew.” I grimace as I pick up a moldy piece, nearly breaking and falling through my fingers. We gather all the pieces up and carry them to the bin, saving the still intact other half of the pumpkin for last. I pick it up, and a note smudged with pumpkin seeds and mold slips to the ground. Ivy picks it up.

I hurry back after dumping the pumpkin in the bin. “What was that?”

Ivy lets her arm flop to her side and tries to hide the paper in her fist. “It’s a note. Nothing of importance.”

I grin and nab the paper from her. “What is it?”

She pauses, forcing her eyes to look up at me. “It’s from your Dad.”

I open my mouth to speak, but nothing comes out. I try again. “From Dad?” I look around, as if surprisingly my long lost Dad would be there, standing right beside me. I fumble with the paper before opening it up, not caring about the moldy pumpkin smeared all over the front.

“To my dearest daughter, Jordan, I’m sorry for not being around all these years.”

“Yeah right he’s sorry.” Ivy mumbled, looking away.

I glare at her. “I’ve wanted to come and see you, but I never have been able to. If you can ever forgive me, put on the necklace I enclosed and you will be with me. I promise. I love you. Dad.” I try to keep the tears from spilling. “The necklace. It’s not here.” I rush towards the bin.

“Jordan, your Dad is long gone. For all you know he’s in heaven and putting on the necklace means going to be with him there!” Ivy rolls her eyes.

I spin around to face her. “Hey. Don’t talk that way about my Dad.” I grit my teeth.

“The Dad who left you and your Mom the day you were born?”

“He didn’t leave, Ivy! You have no proof that he did. He disappeared. He said he was sorry. He said he loved me!”

“Jordan, maybe its time to let go. This is why I didn’t want to show you the note! And why in the world was the note in a moldy pumpkin?”

“I don’t know if you’re serious or not. You have a Dad, Ivy, he’s always been there for you. It’s easy for you to say. If I have one shot at getting my Dad back, I’m gonna take it.”

“What does it even mean about if you put the necklace on then you’ll be with him?” she stops. “I just want to see you move on, girl. I want what’s best for you.”

“Ivy! Just stop. At least I’ll have something from him!” I yell, trying to keep the tears from spilling.

That quiets her.

I huff and pull open the bin lid. I tip it over and begin rummaging through it. There it is. I pick it up, the chain glimmering in the sunlight. I brush the love heart locket with my finger and open it. It’s a picture of my Dad and me when I was born. “Dad…” I whisper. “I miss you.”

I rub the necklace on my pants and hook it around my neck. Ivy’s hand reaches my shoulder. “I’m sorry, Jordan. I didn’t mean-”

I look up. “Me too.” I stand up and hug her. “Finally- finally I have a picture of what my Dad looks like. Finally I’ve got a piece of him.”

I close my eyes.

“Jordan-” Ivy pulls back from the hug.

“What?” I wipe my eyes. “Oh my- Ivy!” I practically jump on her. We’re not at my house anymore. We’re somewhere else. On a bridge. In the jungle. Above a river, and the bridge is up high.

Related image

“Relax, girl.” Ivy rubs my back. “Where are we?”

I shiver. “I don’t care. But we’re- I’m-” I stutter. “Get me of this thing!”

Ivy gently pushes me forward and I edge across the bridge, gripping the ropes as tightly as I can muster.

We reach the other side of the bridge and I breath a sigh of relief.

“Where are we?” Ivy repeats.

Trees surround us on all sides, and a monkey swings from a tree. “I don’t know. But this is definitely a jungle.”

“I see that.” Ivy says.

“Maybe this is where my Dad is!”

“You didn’t take him literally, did you?”

“No, but what if he’s here?” I say. “This is where he disappeared to!”

“Aren’t you the least bit surprised we’re here?”

“Of course I am.” I step over a log. “C’mon.”

We walk up a trail a little way, and then there is a wooden sign stuck into the dirt. “Welcome to The Jungle.”

We keep on walking and then suddenly a shadow looms over us and the ground shakes as a huge bee lands on the jungle floor in front of us.

Ta da! I didn’t finish it, and I probably never will. Who knows? 😉 That wasn’t my best work, and I certainly didn’t like it but I hope you enjoyed it anyway!

~ Zielle

October 2017 Recap // November Welcome

October is gone, November is here.


It feels like only a few days since September 2017 left us and October came. This year has gone by so fast.

Goodbye, October, see you next year when you’re older and I’m wiser enough to use you better then I did this year.  I hope you had a great time with me, and happy late birthday! You officially turned 2017.


  • I wrote a book review on Hidden in Harmony on The Ardent Reader.
  • My sister got married!
  • Season 4 of The Flash came out!
  • We moved to our new place a year ago.
  • Our Apricots grew.
  • I started a new English book, Argument & Persuasive Language (yr 11 and 12, no I’m not year 11 and 12)
  • We went to our town agricultural show. I didn’t enter anything though, because it was last minute.
  • My Dad had a cataract surgery and it went successfully. ❤
  • My first halloween. I went trick or treating with my brother. I think I ate about one of my lollies. 😛 I went as an alien disguised as a normal kid.
  • This isn’t a good highlight, but the Las Vegas shooting took place. I pray for all the victims’ families, and the people recovering. ❤ Have courage.
  • The democrats created a national day of screaming at the sky, on November 8, because that was the day Donald Trump was elected. *smirks* *giggles* *bursts out laughing* *dies of laughter*
  • My brother found out what the birds in our backyard are called; Striated Pardalotes.
  • I reached 100 followers on MHN.
  • Mukta started a design blog, and Carol is now taking design requests! How awesome is that?
  • I started drama classes. We’re doing The Sound of Music next year!


November, happy birthday! You are 2017 now. May your month hold many surprises and may you have learned from your 2016 self. May you filled with productivity (glances at self), learning, fun, and please encourage me to save my money. I’m tempted to spend it all for christmas.

I hope you will be the month in which we set up our christmas tree, hopefully go to the pool (unless this cold spring weather that has been persistent the past few days stay till summer), and have a whipped cream or shaving cream fight.

Wishing you all the best.


Well, I read one book. I read Hidden In Harmony by JR Thompson last month. 😉

  • Read more books.
  • Write more.
  • Write a last minute NaNo novel even if I have no outline or plan. #cramming

I wrote entries for CPC (Camera And Pens Challenge), but other then that… *cries*


– for November –

  • Write a song
  • Practice piano more
  • Work out a looooot more
  • Post more on my blog
  • Read the Bible at least 10-15 minutes a day
  • Catch up on school!!!!!!!

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how was your october? | what were your highlights? | are you doing NaNo? | should I do these kind of posts every month? |have an awesome day!!