{UPDATED} My Blogging Calendar {How I Organize My Posts}

Happy September and Happy Father’s Day!! πŸ™‚ Spring has Sprung!

So for once in my blogging life I decided to be more organized regarding my posting.

Wow. *you gasp and die* Because I’ve made a schedule before, but I’ve NEVER actually followed it.

I’ve seen a couple bloggers creating blogging notebooks to organize their blogging. I tried it, but, knowing me, I can’t be satisfied with whatever I’ve come up with. I think wasted about three notebooks trying to make it ‘perfect’. I only wanted to organize my posts after a while though, so I found my aesthetic looking calendar and did a little blogging organizing, and decided I’d share it with you, in case you’d like to try it.

If you only want to organize your posts, this might work for you. I used to do my post ideas in a document (I didn’t follow it though :P), but I couldn’t see it at a glance. But with a calendar you can see it up on the wall and know which post you will be posting on the day. πŸ™‚

Also, sorry for the blurry photos! (although I edited them a little using Canva) I took them using my Mom’s phone.

|What you need|

  • Sticky notes
  • A calendar
  • A pen/pencil
  • Some post ideas

|What to do|

Step One: Grab some sticky notes and write a post idea on each one.

Step Two: Stick each of them on the day you wish to post it.

Untitled design.jpgStep Three: (optional) If you want to, draw a love heart (or something) on the top middle of the sticky note, the top half on the calendar and the bottom half on the note. This is so that you know which day it actually is because a lot of calendar day boxes are pretty small. You will probably already know which day it is for (because EYES) but I thought it was pretty. I wouldn’t recommend doing it if you’re not sure about the day you’re going to post it, because you might be moving posts around a bit and the top half of the heart will still be on the calendar.

Untitled design-1.jpgAs you can see, at the bottom of the top page, IΒ cut the sticky notes at the bottom so that when I fold the calendar, they won’t get all crinkled.

The reason I use sticky notes is just in case you want to move the posts around if something pops up, or you want to post something else before it.

This might not work for bloggers who post everyday, because then the posts will overlap each other. It will work though, if you put a sticky note below another sticky note like this:

Untitled design-2.jpg

Step Three: Make sure to write on the day boxes when you have something going on, so that you know when you can and can’t post.Β 

Step Four: (optional) Make little designs on the sticky notes. I put dashes around the edges of the papers on some.

Untitled design-3.jpg

Step Five: You’re done!


However, if you don’t have a calendar, here is another way you can see your post ideas at a glance.

Sorry for the terrible quality! 😦

I only have six boxes for the posts, but you can put seven if you make the rectangle at the top smaller.

I use mine as a to-do list. and as you can see I don’t have anything to do

The problem with this one is you can’t keep the posts on the paper; you’re going to have to change them once the week is over. But with the calendar you can keep them as a reminder of what you’ve been posting.

And with this, it’ll work if you want to post everyday. πŸ™‚

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed this post. πŸ™‚

chat with me!

Let me know in the comments if you decide to try it! My schedule is three times a week on any day, but rarely everyday. What is your blogging schedule? Do you have a blogging notebook?

Be - YOU - ti -f ul!-4

23 thoughts on “{UPDATED} My Blogging Calendar {How I Organize My Posts}

  1. That’s so cute! Love it! I need to try to start some form of blogging journal or … something! to keep organized, but I just haven’t gotten to it. Maybe I should, though …

    p.s. I had this moment of “wait, what?” when you said “spring has sprung” … haha. I seriously will never adjust to the world having different seasons everywhere! πŸ˜›

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