Guest Post {Interview} – with my brother

Hey guys!

I’ve officially succeeded in creating a blogging schedule for the rest of July and half of August. *pats self on back*Β I was also going to an Art Exhibit today, but had to change my schedule so that the Art Exhibit is later on, because I couldn’t find my art book. :/ Another thing to let you know, is that I will be posting everyday (unless otherwise noted) except Fridays and occasionally not on Sundays. Thursday Cookups is now Tuesday Cookups, because we have our homeschooling group on Thursdays. They will also be posted every second Tuesday. Onto the interview, I’m just going to be asking random questions. For this post, I’m just going to call my brother G. πŸ˜‰ Let’s dive right in!

Also, I may do an art exhibit of my brother’s drawings, if he allows me, because they are amazing. πŸ™‚


Z: Who is your favorite superhero and why?

G: The Flash. He could disable Ironman’s suit easily. He’s fast and… and yeah. That’s basically it. And he’s fast.

Z: What is your favorite thing to do and why?

G: Uh… *yawns* my favorite thing to do is…. uhm… say uhm..Β  I …Β  I I I I I I I I blah blah *babbles* My favorite thing to do is….. everything. Except not favorite things to do.

Z: Can you be more specific?

G: Everything. I like everything. Uhm my favorite thing to is everything.

Z: That doesn’t explain anything…?

G: Uh… I just told you. I like to watch, I like to draw, I like to do everything…. fun.

Z: Ok. If you say so.

Z: What is you favorite drawing of yours?

G: Uhm… my Starlord drawing, I think?

WIN_20170717_215830 - Copy.JPG
Sorry for the bad quality! I took this on my computer.

Z: What about your Hulkbuster one?

Hulkbuster. Won 1st prize in a show! Sorry for the bad quality. This was taken from my Mom’s phone.

G: A bit, yeah.

Z: What do you do with your drawings?

G: I draw them, and then just leave them on my desk. And maybe stick them up on the wall?

Z: If you could have two superpowers, what would they be, and why?

G: As fast as the flash, coz’ it’s fun. And…yeah.

Z: No, one more.

G: And uh…lightning powers? I don’t know!

Z: Why lightning powers?

G: *sighs* Coz’ uhm you can control lightning? Doh.

Z: What is your favorite TV series?

G: The Flash.

Z: What is your favorite food?

G: Spaghetti.

Z: Fave color?

G: I have three favorite colors. I think I like black a bit better than blue and then red is last.

Z: Do you like my blog?

G: No.

Z: Whaaaattt? Why?

G: *looks at what I’m typing*

Z: Wait, you’re not supposed to look yet!

G: Because your blog is boring. All that’s there is stories and I only read comics.

Z: Do you even read my blog?

G: No. Except for the bit exciting parts; like the polls thingy.

Z: If you don’t read my blog, then how do you know I only write stories?

G: Because I take a glance at it, and I only see stories.

Z: Well I barely write stories on my blog.

G: Kay than all the other stuff are still boring.

Z: Well thank you for your brotherly love. πŸ˜›

Z: Do you want this interview to be long?

G: *pauses* Whatever.

Z: Would you rather have spaghetti with coke or melted marshmallows on top of it along with the sauce?

G: *thinks* All of it.

Z: Yuck.

G: Mix it also with… with mandarins and fruit and some juice. Orange juice.

Z: Do you consider yourself as a weirdo?

G: Meh.

Z: What’s your favorite song?

G: Meh. By Meh.

Z: Hey! Be serious!

G: Just kidding. My favorite song is It’s Not Unusual by Tom Jones. I like old school songs.

Z: Favorite movie?

G: I don’t know, I like all movies.

Z: Even Tinkerbell?

G: No! Of course not. I hate that movie.

Z: Uhm…what’s another question?

G: *hums weird song while scrolling through Youtube magic videos*

Z: Well? What’s another question?

G: I don’t know. What’s your favorite Youtube channel?

Z: Ok. What’s your favorite Youtube channel?

G: What’s Inside.

Z: Why? Hey! Stop reading.

G: Because they’re interesting.

Z: Ok. I’m gonna end this interview now.

G: *doesn’t answer*

Z: I’m gonna end this interview now!

G: Ok. Whatever. Bye. Caio!


And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed that somewhat weird interview with my brother. πŸ˜‰



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