Wordcrafters 3 – Chapter 4

Hello my friends!

As you probably know, I am participating in Wordcrafters 3 this year, and it’s now my turn. I hope you enjoy my part in this story! 🙂

Previously (chapter 3, by Megan)…

“You be the villain if you want, Wendy, but I’m not going to help you anymore,” he said as he let go of the cage he was holding.

Chapter 4

Wendy grit her teeth. “What about everything we’ve been through together, Peter? Don’t you want to rule Icxylwocig?” she swam around him, her hair lopping over her shoulders and swishing behind her. “We can be powerful! Everyone will do anything at our bidding. Just come with me.”

“I can’t Wendy. Goodbye.” Peter Pan pushed past her and swam as fast as he could away from her.

An evil smile curled on Wendy’s lips, and she lifted her fingers to her mouth and whistled. “Fine, then, Peter. Perhaps you’d like to give our little mermaid friend some company.” At her whistle, two sharks appeared in front of her. Ariel, the red-headed mermaid darted back, knocking her head against the wall of her current confinement. “Bring back Peter Pan. Alive. Take him to my island and lock him up with our little friend. We don’t want him snitching our little secret, would we?”

The two sharks turned and began swimming in the direction Peter had left.

At that, Vivi slowly swam up to the surface and flew to where her friends were looking for her.

Ariel got up and began pounding on the wall, screaming at Wendy.

Wendy spun around. “Shut up! Tell me everything. Tell me now!” she hit her fist against the wall and lowered her voice. “There are some children trying to build a portal back to your home so they can bring Prince Charming back to his bride. If you don’t tell me, those foolish children will build the portal and I’ll kill them. I’ll go back to fairyland and rule, and you will be inside this cage forever. But if you tell me, I can build the portal myself. Either way, I’m going to lock you up where no one will ever find you. What will it be, little mermaid? Would you want to keep your mouth shut at their expense?”

Ariel shook her head. “I’ll tell you when hell freezes over!”

“I can make that happen.” Wendy smiled.

“You’ll never get that portal. And you’ll never find those kids.” Ariel said, her voice shaking as she backed to the end of the cage. “What about the fourth ingredient you gave them? Was it-”

“Real?” Wendy cut in. “Of course not. I want them to think I’m on their side and trying to help them.”

Ariel had never met those children before, but she had spoken to Katri about them and she knew they were kind children.

Wendy dove deeper into the water and retrieved the cage that Peter had dropped, which was caught in the crevice of a rock. Grabbing it and swimming to Ariel’s cage, she opened it and grabbed the mermaid’s arm in a painful grip. “I’m giving you one last chance, Ariel. Tell me, or the children die.”

Ariel bit her lip. If she told her, she would most definitely build that portal. If she didn’t, well, there was still a chance that Icxylwocig could be saved. Without a word, Ariel pushed herself into the new cage and watched as the door to her freedom disappeared as Wendy muttered some words. “Foolish choice, Ariel. But whatever you wish.” She cackled and swam away, pulling the cage behind her, leaving Ariel to wonder if she had made the right choice.


“Vivi!” Esme flew up when she saw Vivi flying frantically towards them. “Where have you been?”

“Wendy-” she gasped. “She has Ariel in a cage. Peter Pan, the red-headed mermaid isn’t going to help her anymore, but Wendy sent two sharks after him. We have to find him first.”

The children flew down to the ground, taking some coverage in a small cave so that they couldn’t be seen.

“Vivi, we have no idea where he is. What about Ariel? Where is she? And we still have to find Prince Charming. Don’t forget that!” Pippin said.

“Well we can’t just sit by and let Peter get caught!” Esme blurted out.

Alalia nodded. “I think we’ll bump into Peter along the way. If the sharks don’t get him first.” She said. “I have a feeling he’ll be looking for us to warn us.”

“Good thinking.” Jacob said.

“Right now we have to do what we came to do. We came to bring Ariel back to Ixcylowocig, didn’t we? Well let’s go do that! We can worry about the other things later.” Alalia said.

Vivi flared. “We can’t just leave Peter!”

“And we won’t.” Jacob said. “C’mon. Let’s go look for those twelve toadstools.”

“Um, hello?” Esme said. “Wendy, the bad guy, gave us that shell. How can we trust anything she gives us now?”

“You’re right. If she needs Ariel to tell her the ingredients, she doesn’t need us.” Jacob said. “Good job, Esme.”

Esme’s cheeks flushed.

“How about we split up;” Pippin said. “Some of us find out where Wendy is taking Ariel, and the rest of us can look for P. Charming.”

“Bad idea, Pip.” Vivi said.

Pippin glared at the nickname.

“Good idea.” Esme said.

“Esme, Alalia and I will go to find Ariel, and Pip and Vivi can look for Charming. And on the way, keep a lookout for the real fourth ingredient, and keep your eyes peeled for Pan. Maybe we can help him. Now let’s go.” Jacob said.

The five children rose into the air, splitting, each group going in the opposite direction.


Peter Pan swam on and finally, dove out of the water, landing on the sandy shore. He couldn’t remember the time when he first met that sweet girl in the human world and brought her to the fairy world. Was it his fault she had wanted all that power? That she became so evil that she was banished? Why had he agreed to come along with her?

Questions swam around in his head. Suddenly, two figures appeared at the surface of the water, and Peter immediately recognized them as Wendy’s henchmen. As soon as they reached the bank, they transformed into two bulky men. Gasping, Peter scrambled to his bare feet and ran.


“Girls!” Jacob called. “Look what I found!”

Esme and Alalia raced up to where Jacob was standing. Edged tightly and deeply in a tall oak tree was a tiny bottle, and inside was a tiny paper. Jacob fished around in his pocket until he found a pocket knife. Carving away at the tree, he managed to rip out the bottle. He popped of the lid and pulled out the note. Could it be one of the ingredients P. Charming was searching for? Jacob read it out loud to the girls. “Item 6. Eleven fairy crowns.”

“What the heck are they?” Jacob’s eyebrows furrowed.

“I think it just means crowns of fairy royalty. Like the crowns that Kings and Queens wear?” Alalia said.

“Guys,” Esme squeaked. “What is that?”

A dark shadow loomed over them and a huge figure plunged to the forest ground in front of them.




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