Blog Tour Part Two: Ivy Introspective – Kellyn Roth (Book Review)

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Hi everyone! Kellyn Roth is hosting a blog tour for her recently published books, The Dressmaker’s Secret and Ivy Introspective, the first two books in her series, The Alice And Ivy Chronicles. This book review is going to be shorter than usual.


Ivy Introspective

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I love this cover!

Trapped in a world where she doesn’t belong, twelve-year-old Ivy Knight struggles to keep her head above water as her simplicity is brought to light by her new position as a young lady growing up at Pearlbelle Park.

Worried about their daughter’s inability to fit in, Ivy’s parents decide to send her to McCale House, a boarding school in Scotland for boys and girls like her. However, alone and frightened without her beloved mother, sister, and nurse, Ivy can’t seem to focus.

Will Ivy ever learn what Dr. McCale is trying to teach her? Or will she remain lost in her own mind forever?

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Title: Ivy Introspective

Author: Kellyn Roth

Rating: 4/5 stars

Age range: 12+

Era: Late 1800’s (4 years after the happenings in book one, The Dressmaker’s Secret)

Source: received an free e-book copy of it in exchange for an honest review

Where you can find it: Amazon ~ Goodreads

Wow! I loved this book! I felt as though the plot was ‘too small’ for the length of this novel, but that’s probably just me imagining things. 😉

Violet Angel was my favorite character. She’s a sarcastic, rebellious, girl who needs love and is hurting. I felt so sorry for her, and I just loved her to bits. I’m so glad Kellyn included her in this book.  I liked how it didn’t exactly ‘show’ that she became a christian, because in real life, sometimes it’s not like that. It was implied that she would think about it, and that she was open minded about it all. But it wasn’t very clear that Mr. Parker became a christian, it was only left for us to think, although that didn’t change how I saw the book.

I thought Dr. McCale would be a guy who deems these children in his school as ‘insane and teach them in a whole different way as it showed in the book. But I really liked his character. I loved the way he taught his students. I sort of found McCale House not very believable because of how little students there were, but that didn’t matter.

Posy is such a sweet girl; tough, yet yearning for the love of her father.

I loved how Ivy’s newfound hobby was (SPOILER ALERT!) music. (END OF SPOILERS) I believe that music is a powerful and beautiful thing, and I just loved it! She is such a sweet young lady.

The setting, as usual, is very clearly and wonderfully described all in dialogue, description, and names.

Kellyn’s writing is amazing. I very much enjoyed reading her book, and look forward to reading the next books in this series!


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Unfortunately, this is open only to residents of the US, but there is an international version that gives away free e-book copies. Be sure to check it out!

Author bio:

Kellyn Roth was born and raised in the country outside a small town in North-Eastern Oregon. Ever since she could talk, she’s had a fascination with words, always coming up with songs, poems, and stories. Now a homeschooled highschooler, she spends her spare time penning historical novels, several of which have been published.

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