Introducing… WordCrafters 3!

AAAAHHH! Wordcrafters 3 is on! You must sign up. Read this post to know what to do. 😀 I’m sooooo overly and insanely excited. Especially since they announce something super exciting!

A Farm Girl's Life

WordCrafters 3 (1280x1280) (800x800)

*Dances around throwing confetti* YIPPEE IT’S HERE! Guys, I am super excited for this round of WordCrafters! It feels like forever since I started the last one. And I’m especially excited for this one because Josie and I have some special plans for WordCrafters 3. 😀 AHHH I can’t wait to tell you guys about them! 😀

But first…

What Is WordCrafters?

Basically, WordCrafters is a story-chain where you collaborate with other writers to create a unique book. At the kick-off of WordCrafters, my blogger friend Josie and I will start the story by writing the first chapter, and then you guys take it from there. Each participant picks up where the last left off and writes just one chapter, and then Josie and I will conclude the book. Chapter by chapter, writer by writer, we’ve written a whole story!

I created WordCrafters last year with the excellent help and advice of the lovely Josie (otherwise…

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8 thoughts on “Introducing… WordCrafters 3!

  1. Fantástico batida! Eu gostaria de aprendiz enquanto você
    alterar seu web site , como pode eu subscrever para um blog local ?
    A conta ajudou me um acordo aceitável. Eu tinha sido minúscula pouco familiarizado
    disto sua transmissão fornecido clara brilhante conceito


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