Of Toilet Paper And Mothers Day

Ok. I have a confession to make. I completely forgot about my May goals. I’m really sorry. But I do have a good explanation! I was too busy building my newest inventions of flying cars and a time travel machine, of course there was traveling across the world in my airplane I built from scratch and chatting with the President of the United States of America. I also published eleven of my books and wrote 50,000 words a day and blah blaah blaaah no, I was just too lazy and I forgot. I can’t believe I forgot about them! ARRGH. So obviously I didn’t get the crocheting goal or the Two Towers goal. 😦 BUT I did start a new story, actually, many new stories, but that’s for you to hear when I publish the post about my June goals so forget what I said. But there are still 5 more days till June, correct? Let’s see how many of my goals I can achieve within those days I will take hold of and savor. *sigh* I feel sooo bad…

Mothers day came and went so quickly. πŸ™‚ I’m part of a girls brigade and we had a Mother’s Day night with a competition to make a dolls dress out of toilet paper/crepe paper/tissue paper whatever. It was judged by people putting some coins in the dolls they liked best. I wasn’t going to make one, but then everyone else was, so on the day that it was to happen, I made my doll. Of course there first was the running around the room tearing up toilet paper part (which my brother executed) and then the part where I visualized my amazing gown which of course didn’t turn out that way, and then finally, just before leaving time, this is what I entered:

Sorry for the bad quality pic!

I waited a whole week for the winners to be announced and then they said they would tell us the next week because they didn’t have the prizes yet. :/ XD

That was my first toilet paper doll and I’m pretty proud of it. πŸ™‚

Also, I have something important to tell you guys:

Do you know the ‘Describe The Days of The Week Tag’ that I created? I didn’t make myself very clear and I apologize. I said to tag back to me, but I forgot to mention to copy and paste the rules in your post if you do it. So if you were tagged but haven’t done the tag, pleaaassse put the rules in your post and tag back to me. I didn’t tag very many people in my tag, so I’m just going to tag a few more people now:






If you’ve been tagged already, it’s ok, you don’t have to do it. πŸ™‚

Have you ever made a toilet paper doll? What was it like?

If you do monthly goals, have you ever forgotten about one?


P.S I will make a signoff, btw! πŸ˜€

8 thoughts on “Of Toilet Paper And Mothers Day

  1. I’ve never made a toilet paper doll, I’d like to though! Well, I made a SUMMER goal, now I’m just waiting for Summer to roll around. πŸ˜‰

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  2. Lovely toilet paper dress πŸ˜‰. Thanks for nominated me! Unfortunately, I’ve already done this tag on my other blog, but I’d be happy to repost it on my new blog!

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