The Pros And Cons of Being A Shorty


There’s one thing I’m sure about myself; and that is, I will always be short. Most of my friends are younger than me and taller. My friends who are the same age or a little older are about a head taller than me or more. My family is full of short people. So I’m here today (tonight) to share with you the pros and the cons of being a shorty.


  • Well for one thing, when I play Octopus or Red Rover, and when we all go at once, I’m hidden behind the taller people!
  • When we sing in choir I’m in the front row.
  • EVERY.jpg
    What ever the thing says. XD
  • If people think I’m really young, then I have an excuse to act young. XD


  • Everyone mistakes me for way younger than I really am. One kid thought I was 6 years old! That’s like the youngest ANYONE has thought me to be.
  • People my age or a little younger treat me like a little kid not having the slightest clue that I’m probably older than them.
  • My choir leader always places me in the front row where all the little kids sit because I’m so short. Last choir rehearsal she told me I had to sit in the front from now on because she couldn’t see me in the back row. 😦 XD
  • I’m constantly being asked my someone younger than me if they can try and pick me up. Guess what? Than always can. πŸ˜›
  • In the cinemas, there’s only rarely a time when I can see the screen without someone’s head in the way.

Well that’s all for now. πŸ™‚

Discussion: Are you short for your age? If you are, do you have a tall best friend? Are you tall for your age? If you are tall, do you have a short best friend? If you’re short, what are some pros and cons about it?


15 thoughts on “The Pros And Cons of Being A Shorty

  1. Ooh, sounds bad! I’m tall for my age, but it has lots and lots and lots of disadvantages. πŸ˜‰ I may have to do a post about pros and cons about being tall!

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  2. The funny thing is that I’m tall for my age kinda, but I have a friend who’s younger than me but way TALLER!!! XD I also have a friend that’s shorter than me that’s … 6 years older… XD πŸ˜‰ I love both of them to death though!

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  3. I’m pretty tall (I guess kinda average-tall) for my age. πŸ™‚ Some of my relatives are short, though, and it always feels weird being taller than someone that’s like 30 years older than me. XD Being short sounds fun in some ways and not so fun in some other ways. πŸ˜›

    -Clara ❀

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