Short Story – The Seven Suns

Look up into the sky. What do you see? That’s right, the sun. Today, we only have one sun. But do you know what? We didn’t always have one sun.

Long long ago, long before your parents, long before your grandparents, we had seven suns. There were seven bright, radiant suns, one sun for each day. The seventh sun was hated by the other suns, because he was the sun for the seventh day, the most special day of the week.

Everyday, the six suns would hurl hurtful words at the seventh sun, shooting him with their glows in hopes of burning him. But of course, they couldn’t. But they didn’t notice that as they were so busy teasing and snarling and calling the poor sun names. The seventh sun tried to make peace with the six suns, as he was for the seventh day, and wished to glorify his Creator.

The Creator saw what the six suns were doing, and he was not pleased; not pleased at all. He looked down at them and said, “I am not pleased with you. You are not using the gifts I gave you to help the earth and to glorify me. Instead, you are using it to curse one of my creations. You were so caught up in everything, you have not even shone one beam of sunlight to the earth!”

The six suns were angry. “How can we shine our light into the earth if we are so small?” the suns whined.

“Look at the seventh sun, what do you see?” asked the Creator.

The sixth sun, who was closest to the seventh sun replied. “I see a bright, radiant large sun, much more bright and bigger than us!” he snarled as he spoke.

The Creator nodded. “You are right. He is much bigger and brighter than you. You shot your beams at him in hopes of hurting him, but you only hurt yourselves.” The Creator was right. The six suns were much smaller and less bright now, and the seventh sun gleamed far brighter than all of them put together.

“Oh, you thief!” cried the suns. “You stole our light! For this you must pay!” And the sixth sun shot it’s last beam at it, till it grew very dark.

The Creator stopped the angry suns. “He did not steal your light, you gave it to him, although you did not know.” From then on, the six suns became planets, along with the two other planets. The Creator gave the Sun a gift that his beam may never run out. And that is why we have one bright and large sun, today.

Hehe I hope you liked that! I actually wrote that a long time ago.

Also, I’m having a bit of a writers block. Actually, I’ve always had trouble thinking up ideas for short stories. So, do you guys have any ideas? I’d really appreciate it. Thanks!


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