10 Writing Tips That Help Me

I really am just talking to myself. There are so many times when I feel stuck on a part, and I give up thinking and put aside my story for weeks; maybe months. Two books in a series that I put aside I left for years! I only got back to writing it last year. So maybe these tips will help me, and you get past our writing block scenario. I’m just writing what helps me when I’m writing. 🙂

  1. Every writer feels they need to please the reader. At least I do at times. Well, that’s true, and in a way, not. True that when the writer feels like laughing at something they wrote, the reader will laugh too. When the writer cries while writing something, the reader will most likely have tears to fog up their eyes also. But if you are writing something in your story just to please the reader, just because you think they’ll like it, but you’re not so sure, it’s hard to decide. So please yourself and your readers. Try to get some feedback from other writers, friends and family. And know when their critique is helpful or not.
  2. Establish your characters first. Know them. This helps when I start writing. Some writers like to develop their character’s traits over time, like I sometimes do. But when I think up my characters first, it helps me to write straight because I know my characters.
  3. Plan an outline…or not. Some writers find it helpful to write and outline before starting. Some just write of the top of their heads. Most of the time I just write and write, but sometimes I take the time to create and outline so that I know my story. Outlines come in different ways. You could interview your characters with questions like: How far will you go to get what you want/need? What is your goal? And you can even interview your antagonist (the bad guy/thing). Another outline is just to write down the overview of the plot; beginning, middle and end. Be sure to include the conflict, because that’s what makes a story.
  4. Start engaging. Hook your reader with the very first sentence.
  5. Believe in yourself. Know that you can. Because you can! 🙂
  6. Keep writing. When you’re writing your first draft, just keep writing. Don’t stop for edits, just let your mind soar.
  7. Take a break if you need one, but don’t abandon you story like me.
  8. Remember to establish the settings: place, time, era, etc. I hate doing this. But it’s important in your story!
  9. Try to make your dialogue realistic.
  10. Describe, but not too much. Instead of saying: The girl had blue eyes, pale skin, and curly blond hair. Lots of people could have blue eyes, curly blond hair and pale skin. I would try to make her stand out. If someone were looking for her in a group of people with blue eyes, pale skin and curly blond hair, how would that someone find her? What would stand out about her? And for example, a boy is walking down the street and he’s angry at himself, and sad. I could describe him as a boy with his hands in his pockets muttering to himself and kicking a stone. Or a boy mumbling and punching the air with clenched fists.

Well, hope that helped! Do you have writing tips of your own? Do you interview your characters? How do you outline your stories; or do you? How do you beat writers block?

Zielle ❤

Have you read Seize The Story by Victoria Hanley? It’s really good.

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