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Hi fellow book lovers, writers, bloggers and other lovelies!

Welcome to MHN. This is the blog of me; a girl who loves to write. I love pouring out my thoughts, and this blog will be a compilation filled with my ramblings, writings, readings, homeschool life, and the other joys of being me.

I also have another blog, a book blog where I post book review, book tags, and other booky posts. Check it out!

I started this blog because I wanted a place to pour out my thoughts, and because the thought sounded good. I gave it quite a long break, and then I went back to blogging life. I enjoy it, but sometimes I think I spend too much time on it. I love emojis (which is totally why there aren’t any yet in this post XD ), so prepare to see a bunch of them!

I love likes, but I love comments even more, and would love it if you guys could leave a after reading. 🙂 I will do my best to respond to them.

Please be polite, respectful, and God-honoring around here, and you may stay as long as your heart desires. 😉


Be - YOU - ti -f ul!-4


Twelve Days of Christmas {Day Three} – I’m Dreaming of a Wacky Christmas

(featured image backround credit: freepik)

Hi everyone! Welcome to day three of my Twelve Days of Christmas series! 🙂

Today I have a mini challenge for you.

I challenge you to write poem or a song, or an article, or a story, or WHATEVER you choose (you could just simply answer the questions), answering one or more of these questions (or all of them!):

  • What is the silliest/wackiest/weirdest Christmas gift you have ever received?
  • What is the wackiest Christmas game you’ve ever played?
  • What is the wackiest Christmas decoration you’ve ever had/seen?
  • What is the wackiest/weirdest/silliest Christmas song you’ve ever heard?
  • What is the wackiest thing you’ve worn at Christmas? Or the wackiest thing a family member/friend has worn at Christmas?
  • (Insert your own wacky Christmas happening here)

Before I simply answer some of these questions – in um… answering questions form, let me just tell you that I ATTEMPTED to write a poem answering one of the questions. Just letting you know that I tried…

  • What is the wackiest Christmas game you’ve ever played?

I haven’t played very many Christmas games, actually… but there is a kind of wacky (but fun) game that I WANT to play. It’s kinda wacky in the way that it will make people laugh, I guess? So it’s the Christmas Drawing Game. All the players are blindfolded, and they have to draw certain things on certain places on the paper. And if they get certain things correct, they get points. I imagine it would get pretty funny, judging by how horrible a drawer I am. XD

  • What is the wackiest/weirdest/silliest Christmas song you’ve ever heard?

Home Free’s “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer”. It’s so weird but funny. XD


  • What is the wackiest thing you’ve worn at Christmas? Or the wackiest thing a family member/friend has worn at Christmas?

I don’t know. I think the closest to the wackiest thing someone in my family has worn is a Santa suit. XD What? It was wacky at the time! I was like 3 years old. 😛

I’d love to see you guys do this! If you do, put the link down below so I can see it. 🙂

And your photography christmas prompt: take a picture of something funny. It doesn’t have to be Christmas related.

Merry Christmas!

~ Zielle

Twelve Days of Christmas {Day Two} – Singing Carols For The Elderly + Best Books & Movies For This Christmas

**There is one more spot left on AAWC. Unless one of you decides to recruit ten people for the teams, then there is only one more spot left.**

{featured image backround picture credit: freepik}

Every year my choir sings songs at nursing homes for the elderly. That day I was supposed to do mini golf with my parents’ bible study, but I remembered that I had promised to be there with my choir to sing carols.

So I went there, wishing I were somewhere else, and when we were singing I felt this joy inside of me, that we were putting smiles on their faces. And that put a smile on my face as well. I felt happy that I was making someone happy with the talent that God gave me.

Doesn’t it feel great to do something like that? Have you ever had that feeling where you wish you were somewhere else, and you’re reluctant to help and to spread joy, but then you feel this overwhelming happiness that gives YOU joy?

Best Books And Movies For This Christmas


*i actually don’t know very many christmas books, but i’ll do my best

This is one of my favorite books told in the perspective of the magi (the wise men), and one of the magi’s son. I definitely recommend this book and the other books in this advent series!







I love this book so much. It’s a WII, christmas, Cinderella retelling. And if you’re not fond of retellings, this book is worth the read and a very unique retelling at that.










I think this is kind of like a retelling of Beauty And The Beast, but I didn’t figure that out till the end of the movie. XD This movie has a super sweet story that I think you’ll enjoy.





I think there are two more movies after this, and they are all great! I love Tim Allen.










And we’re done! 🙂

Again, here is your photography prompt:

Something that captures community, fellowship, love and warmth among friends and family.

did you enjoy this post? | have you watched any of those movies? | have you read any of those books? | are you part of a choir? if so, have you sang at a nursing home before?

Twelve Days of Christmas {Day One} – 5 Fun Family Christmas Games

(featured image backround credit: freepik)

Hi everyone! I’ve decided to do Blogmas. But since I am late, I’ve decided to do the 12 days leading up to Christmas, including Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.

To make it a bit more fun, each Twelve Days of Christmas day, I’m going to give you guys a photography challenge relating to Christmas. This is just for fun, but I’ll pick my favorite photo and feature it in my next TDCD post!

*let the games begin!.jpg

*I feel like I’m in Hunger Games…

let the games begin!-2

This is a really fun yet sad game to play. 😉 The aim of the game is to get the present that you want. Leading up to Christmas, each family member (or guest) buys a present. Our family is doing it that we buy a present 5 bucks or under (or more, depending on how much money we have). It can be any present that will suit your age ranges, and preferably something that can be used by both genders.

When the games starts, each person picks one wrapped gift. When they open it, and if they don’t like their present, they may STEAL a present from someone else in exchange for their gift. However, the person they stole it from cannot steal their present back. Each person can only steal once. But you can alter the rules and change it to three times depending on how you would like to play this game. 🙂

let the games begin!-4.jpg
*no that is not the real name 😉

This game is really simple and fun, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money.

The game starts of with each family member giving an equal amount of money. Our family is giving 3 bucks each, but you can give as much or as little as you want each.

You put all the money into a box and wrap it up.

You will also need:

  • A santa hat (or just a normal hat if you don’t have one)
  • Kitchen Mitts
  • A dice

The aim of the game is to open that present. The winner gets all the money inside.

Another variation of the game is to chip in money to buy a present for the game.

To play, you each take turns rolling the dice. When someone rolls a six, they grab the santa hat and the kitchen mitts and they put it on and try to open the present. The rest of the people keep rolling the dice. If someone else rolls a six, they put the mitts and the hat on and try to open it. The person who successfully unwraps the present gets the gift inside.

let the games begin!-3.jpg


This game is pretty self explanatory. We won’t be playing this one because one of us forgot to count the baubles on the tree while putting them on. *looks for someone to blame

So unless you have a way of counting all the baubles on the tree while they are already on there, this game is for those of you who haven’t put up their tree yet. 😛

Simply guess the amount of baubles on the tree and whoever gets the closest wins a prize (like a pat on the back)!

let the games begin!-2.jpg

let the games begin!-4.jpg

Minute to Win it is basically little challenges where the contestants have one minute to do the thing they are supposed to do. Here are some suggestions for Minute to Win it:

  • Pick up as many candy canes as you can with a candy cane in your mouth before the time runs out. No hands!
  • In a minute, dress a teammate up like a Christmas tree with as many decorations as you can. (this one obviously may cause a little more money for extra decor)

And that’s all I got. 😛


Well, I hope you enjoyed that!

Oh! I almost forgot! Your photography challenge today is to take a picture of your christmas decorations. Your lights outside, your Christmas tree, etc. OR, you can take a picture of your favorite Christmas game. 🙂 Unfortunately, at the moment I don’t have a picture, but I’ll try put one up in the next post.

*Bis spater!

*Ja, ich bin lernt Deutsch!
**which means ‘yes, i am learning german!’and ‘bis spater’ means ‘see you later’

will you be trying any of these games? | have you played any of them? | which game was your favorite? | did you understand my instructions??? | do you understand/speak German?

~ Zielle

On The Wings of A Dream {Blog Tour}

Hi everyone! I’m so excited to be participating in Enni’s blog tour for her new blog, On The Wings of A Dream.

I think both her header and her button are beautiful. Take a look for yourself!

Here is her button. Don’t forget to swap with her!

A few things about Enni:

  • She is a great friend.
  • She is a great writer.
  • She loves horses.
  • She is homeschooled.
  • She is a Christian.
  • She likes photography.

She is an awesome person, so if I were you, I’d go check out her blog right now! 🙂 (well, after the interview)

The Interview:

Enni’s writing is in blue-green aqua color and my questions are in bold. I also have comments after some of her answers which are in italics.

– Was it hard for you to give up something about horses in your blog title?

Yes, it was. ☹ I was going to do something like “Riding in a Dream” but then it wouldn’t be related to writing, and since I’m not an official horse rider, I didn’t think that I had a right to say that. 😛

Hehe, fair enough!

– Is your new blog, “On The Wings of A Dream” still going to include horse posts?

Oh, yes, DEFINITELY. 😃 I have many ideas for some!


– Do you have exciting plans for us in the future? If not, that’s okay. What do you hope “On The Wings of A Dream” will become and mean to people?

YES! But I’m not sharing them. 😝I think…I hope that it will be a place that people can enjoy God-honoring writing, and I also hope that it will just be a sort of nice, clean, refuge from the other bad parts of the internet.

I’m excited! 😉 😜 Yeah, that’s a good answer.

– Why “On The Wings of A Dream”?

Hmm, Scribbling on a Dream got the highest votes on my poll, but somehow, it mysteriously transformed into On the Wings of a Dream. XD Not too helpful, I know. 😝

Haha. Well, I think I like On the Wings of a Dream better anyway. 😉

– How long have you been wanting to start a new blog?

About…I created it in September, so three months?​

– Did it take you a long time to settle on a name?

I think so, yes!

(Like me! I’m so indecisive. XD)

– Why do you blog? What motivates you to do it?

I blog because I like to share my thoughts and spread happiness to the world. 😀 Hmm…I am honestly not sure!

Good answer! 🙂

– What is your biggest pet peeve about blogging?

When I accidentally publish a page instead of a post. 😡


– What is your favourite thing about blogging?

Probably getting to meet all these awesome people – including you! 😃 Also, thanks to Allison’s Etsy Shop that’s on her blog, she, Megan and I have now become pen pals – blogging has really just opened up a new world to me!

Aw, it was awesome to meet you as well! You’re such a great blogging friend. 😊 💗

– Do you have anything special planned for Christmas on your blog?

Yes, I do – however, that’s a secret for now. 😊


– Last question: What bloggers inspire you?

You, Allison, Megan, Madi…

Aw, that’s so sweet of you to say! And yes, those blogger are very awesome. 😊

Thank you so much for the questions! 😃

Thank YOU for doing this with me, Enni! Congrats again on your new blog!!


~ Zielle

p.s I have a very important choir performance soon, so wish me luck!


Our Christmas Tree, Our Christmas Tree! How Lovely Are Its’ Branches!

Why Our Christmas Tree Is Uglier Than Yours:

  • It literally has ten baubles on it (why? I don’t know)
  • Half the tree doesn’t have lights (why? Because we needed them for outside)
  • We took the candy canes of the tree (why? Because my nephews kept eating them)

My lame excuses:

  • This is my second time decorating our own Christmas tree
  • I have problems with putting baubles close to each other because I’m such a perfectionist and they can’t be close to each other because IT MAKES IT LOOK CLUTTERED (a.k.a we don’t have any more baubles. Last year we did… but now… *sigh* the others just mysteriously disappeared…)

Why I still like our tree:

  • Because it has green leaves
  • Because we have a star on the top
  • Because there are presents under the tree and I can’t wait to see my nephews’ and nieces’ faces when they open them
  • Because now people can see the lights out front
  • Because we actually have baubles on the tree
  • Because it’s tall
  • Because it’s a christmas tree
  • Because this is the second time we’ve had a Christmas tree
  • Because we have a christmas tree

Last of all, I’m sorry for such a scrappy post (actually I’m not sorry). I needed to write something and this came up from the top of my mind… So I hope you enjoyed it!

**UPDATE** I can’t believe I published this post WHAT AM I DOING

The Versatile Blogger Award + The Christmas Tag

Hi everyone!

First off, thank you to Lizzy and Starling for tagging me for these. 🙂

So, for those who don’t know what the Versatile Blogger Award is, let me tell you. It has been created to feature and recognise blogs/bloggers that have unique content.
The Versatile Blogger says;

“Honour those bloggers who bring something special to your life whether every day or only now and then.”


  • Thank the person who gave you this award.
  • Include a link to their blog.
  • Select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly.
  • Nominate those 15 bloggers for the VBA.
  • Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

7 Facts About Me:

  • My favorite numbers so far in my life have been 9 and 14.
  • I’m part of a choir.
  • I want to be a journalist.
  • I don’t like reading books without paragraphs or really small words. Who does?
  • We put our Christmas tree up around three weeks ago.
  • I love apple pie.
  • I love green mango.





Yes, I know that’s only four. :/

The Rules

Thank the person that nominated you, with a link to their blog.

  • Add the picture in your blog.
  • Copy these rules into your post.
  • Add a link to this original post (littlediyprojects.wordpress.com/thechristmastag).
  • Answer the 10 questions (you can add extra Christmas-related questions if you want).
  • Tag at least 3 other bloggers with links to their blogs.
  • Have fun!

Le Questions:

What’s your favorite thing about Christmas?

I love giving things to my family, especially me niece and nephews. I also love the family time and the fact that we are celebrating Jesus’ birth. ❤

What’s your favorite Christmas memory?

Hmm I think my favorite memory was when my Dad dressed up as Santa Claus when I was about 3 years old, and I got this little backpack with play cooking stuff in it. 🙂 ❤

Are there special traditions your family has for Christmas?

Well, our family opens presents on Christmas Eve, and we always wait till 12:00am to open presents. It’s getting kind of hard because my sister has kids who can’t stay up so late and I imagine we didn’t do that when I was their age either. 😛 😉 This year we’ll be opening presents on Christmas Day, which is new for me.

What’s your Christmas wish? (Can be personal or general)

I wish for a lot of things, I guess… I don’t know. I’m just so excited to see the looks on my nephews and and neice’s faces when they open their presents! 🙂

What’s your favorite Christmas dish?

I don’t have one!

What’s your favorite Christmas decoration?

The Christmas tree and the presents under it! And the christmas lights when you look at them from across the street. 🙂

What’s your favorite Christmas song?

I like Mary Did You Know, and just any Christmas Carol.

Where do you usually celebrate Christmas?

We usually go to my Aunt’s place, but it’s too far, and we’d like to just stay at home with our family. 🙂

What does the ‘Christmas Spirit’ mean to you?

I think it means giving, blessing someone, and celebrating that Jesus was born and that He came down to earth to save us. And on the side note, I always like thinking about when Jesus was born because of the picture of his humbleness. How the Shepherds (they were like the outcasts at those times) were the first ones to see him, and how Jesus was born in a stable. ❤

Who out of anybody in the world would you want to spend your Christmas with?

Family, of course! No one else in the world! And it would also be awesome to spend christmas with Jesus. 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

Thanks for reading, guys!

I don’t tag anyone. If you feel in the Christmas Spirit (whatever it means to you), then go ahead and do this tag! I’d love to read your answers. 🙂

Thank you again to Starling and Lizzy for tagging me!

~ Zielle

AAWC {How It Will Work} because I didn’t explain very well

**UPDATE: The deadline for signups is December 20, so you have plenty of time.**

So as you know I hit 100 followers about a month ago. *cue the screaming* And for celebration, I started a…

Writing challenge! YAYAYAYAYAY!

As you could probably see by all the comments, a lot of people have been requesting to be on Team Meadows. So this is going to be a first come first serve basis, so please don’t be too disappointed if you don’t get your first choice for a team. I will do my best. 🙂

Also, please SPREAD THE WORD about this! I’d like to get as many contestants as I can. If you could, that would be awesome!

|How long will the challenge last?|

It will last for six weeks (six challenges, six submissions), so the month of January and two of February. Each round of the challenge will last around 4 days to a week, so that’s about how long you’ll have to write your story.

|How do I get points for my team?|

  • You can take photos or draw pictures to illustrate your story. You will get 2 points per photo.
  • Creativity. This is how creatively you use the prompts. At the end of each round I’ll select my favorite story and that person will earn more points for their team.
  • If you use the name of you team in your story, you can earn a point for your team. (e.g forest; the forest was dark and gloomy)

|Anything else?|

Each round, I will give new writing challenges. They don’t necessarily have to be prompts. 😉

Thanks for reading!

~ Zielle